Ishqbaaz: Shivay brings a big surprise for Oberois

Ishqbaaz: Shivay brings a big surprise for Oberois

Ishqbaaz: Shivay brings a big surprise for Oberois… Shivay fails to find the clues, since he enters the hotel room, but gets hit on his head. He gets close to know about Nancy, who is alive and helped Mohit frame Shivay. Shivay falls unconscious. Bhavya reaches the place and catches him. Shivay gets arrested. Tej doesn’t want to suffer because of Shivay’s defaming act. Tej wants to handle the big deal. He tells the family that though Shivay has worked hard for the deal, he got the family defamed and the clients aren’t interested in working with him again. Tej tells them that the family and company will suffer if they stay related to Shivay. He asks them to help him cover the losses. Omkara and Rudra find him very selfish to not think for Shivay.

Anika asks Tej to think about Shivay once, he is also much worried. Dadi blames Anika for bringing bad luck in the family. She tells them that she wanted to celebrate the festive with much happiness, but Shivay’s matter ruined everything. Tej tells Dadi that they will still celebrate the festive the same as they planned. The family refuses the celebrate the festive without Shivay, who is an integral part of the family. Tej asks his sons to stop getting mad about Shivay. He is fed up that everything dances on Shivay’s tunes in the family. Bhavya tells Shivay that he can’t run away now. Shivay tells her that he is getting framed in the murder case, he has escaped just to catch the real culprit. She asks him to let her find the culprit. He asks her to give him some time to nab the culprit.

Media bothers Shivay. He gets troubled. Bhavya takes him away from media. The family gets disheartened when they see the news of Shivay’s arrest. Omkara and Rudra feel bad seeing their brother in the miserable state. They blame Mohit for this. Dadi feels Anika has cast a bad shadow on Shivay’s life. Omkara asks Dadi not to blame Anika and have such superstitious dislike towards her. Bhavya tells the media that she will not help any criminal. Shivay understands that he won’t get any mercy from police.

He manages to run away from police once again. Bhavya informs about Shivay’s escape. She doubts that he is the culprit, since he isn’t cooperating with the police. Shivay finds hard to hide from the police. He bears the suspicions. He gets close to the truth. He wishes to go home and meet the family. Tej insists the family to celebrate the festive. They don’t want to celebrate Ganpati festive with a sorrowful heart. They explain Dadi that Anika isn’t responsible for anything. They apologize to Anika for spoiling her first festive. Anika is grateful to family for supporting her.

She hopes to melt Dadi’s heart too. She tells them that they have to deal with everything and save Shivay. Shivay reaches the house in disguise. He celebrates the festive with them. He gets the Ganpati idol home and completes the rituals to keep everyone’s heart. He brings happiness in the family. His presence makes everyone happy. Mohit clears to them that he will not spare Shivay at any cost.

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