YHM: Court verdict to bring major shocks

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: More agony for Raman and Ishita

YHM: Court verdict to bring major shocks… Raman and Ishita tell Bhallas that they will battle for justice. Mani tells them that they will have the case on fast track and also get verdict on their side. Ishita tells that they have no witness and evidence. Raman asks them to hide about their witness, the therapist, who will testify against Rajat in the court. They know that Sudha will not give up so easily and fight hard. Sudha asks her lawyers to prepare Rajat for the cross questioning in the court. Ishita tells them that Rajat may agree to them if they make him feel guilty for his crimes. Raman is sure that Sudha won’t let Rajat ruin the hospital image. Sudha gets angered seeing Rajat drunk in such a situation. She asks Rajat to know her position and her dreams. She doesn’t want to suffer because of his alcohol addiction. Rajat apologizes to her. She reminds him his duties.

She doesn’t want Rajat to make any mistake again. She teaches him to be sober and lie in the court. She doesn’t want him to admit the truth. She asks the lawyers to train Rajat completely. She doesn’t want to lose the case.

Raman and his family reach the court to get justice. Raman charges Rajat for his big mistake and fraud. The legal battle goes on. Sudha’s lawyer justifies Sudha’s helpful move to offer an compensation. Raman wants the therapist to prove Rajat’s medical negligence. He calls the witness in the court. Ishita asks the therapist to save Raman’s future by getting justice for him.

The therapist tells the court about Rajat’s alcohol addiction. Rajat and Sudha get worried when Rajat’s addiction gets known to everyone. The therapist tells them that Rajat had admitted his medical negligence and surgical errors committed. She tells them that Rajat is responsible for Raman’s state. Sudha’s lawyer asks her why is she revealing confidential information about her patient. She tells him that she is sharing the information for a better cause, she can’t let Rajat play with patients’ lives, he isn’t fit to perform surgeries, he has performed surgeries even when she warned him that he is unfit.

She proves to the court that Rajat can’t perform the surgery, since his hand is trembling due to his addiction. She wants Raman and others to get justice. She doesn’t want Rajat to make more mistakes and play with people’s lives. Sudha gets worried when she sees her defeat. The therapist feels even Rajat will get help this way, he shouldn’t perform more surgeries.

The judge asks Rajat if he wants to say something. Raman and Ishita present another witness, the wife of the person who died by Rajat’s mistake. The lady also testifies against Rajat. She tells the court that Rajat has changed the evidences and reports after committing mistakes. Sudha panics seeing the blames on Rajat and hospital. Her hospital faces defamation. She gets angry on Rajat.

Rajat tells Sudha that he has to go and have a drink, his addiction is breaking him down. Sudha pities his state. Rajat tells Sudha that everything happened because of him, he can’t live this way. Sudha gets emotionally broken down. She feels like losing everything. The court declares the verdict in Raman’s favor. Rajat gets proved guilty in the court. Raman finally wins justice for himself and others who suffered because of Rajat. Rajat loses his medical licence. Sudha’s hospital faces criminal charges. Raman and Ishita celebrate their success. They are happy to get justice and thank their witnesses for all the help. Sudha threatens Ishita. She initiates a battle against Raman and Ishita. Sudha gets shattered when she learns about Rajat’s suicide. Sudha loses Rajat forever. She gets revengeful against Raman and Ishita.

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