Roop to become Harman-Soumya’s savior in Shakti


Roop to become Harman-Soumya’s savior in Shakti… Soumya tells Harman that she will find his Gulabo. He asks her where is she taking him. They come face to face with the dangerous kinners. Soumya gets scared and hides behind him. Harman and Soumya get surrounded by the kinners’ group. They get caught. They wonder why are kinners after them. Harman asks them to tell whom they want. The kinners tell Harman that they want Soumya. He asks them to take Soumya, she has become a problem for him. Soumya asks him did he go mad. He tells her that he isn’t a fool. She asks him to fight later, and save her now. She reminds how she has saved him before. He doesn’t want to big danger over their lives.

Roop looks for Ishika. He wants Ishika to come on the college picnic trip so that he can confess love to Ishika. Roop sings a romantic song for Ishika. He tries to give her a hint that he loves her. Ranvir wants to ruin Roop’s efforts. He misleads Roop and makes him away from the bus, so that Roop loses track of Ishika. Roop reaches the village, since he is out on college picnic. He doesn’t find the right route. He asks people about the highway.

Harman throws sand in kinners’ eyes. He holds Soumya’s hand and asks her to run fast. They disappear and come across Roop. Harman and Soumya run away and get help from Roop. Soumya asks Roop to save them from the kinners, who are after them for no reason. Roop gives lift to Harman and Soumya till the highway. Preeto searches for Harman everywhere. She meets Roop and asks him about Harman. Roop doesn’t know Preeto is looking for Harman, whom he just met.

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