Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer gets compelled to marry Ruksar

Ishq SubhanAllah

Zeenat makes Kabeer take an oath that he will save Ruksar at any cost. He has promised Zeenat and entire family that he will save Ruksar, if she is really innocent. The family believes that Ruksar can’t commit a murder, but Zeenat knows Ruksar’s bounds and realizes that she can do anything. She wants Kabeer to reach Ruksar and rescue her. Kabeer isn’t aware of Ruksar’s plotting to get back in his life. Ruksar has murdered Hamdam just to make a re-entry in Kabeer’s life. She has succeeded to stop Kabeer and Zara’s marriage. Kabeer gets compelled to marry Ruksar, when get gets caught in jail. Kabeer and Zara’s relation breaks again. Kabeer recollects his promise to Zeenat that he will save Ruksar. He is in big dilemma.

He doesn’t know what to do. He is helpless, as he is held at gunpoint. Ruksar gets the good news that Kabeer is ready to marry him. He tries to call Zara and tell her about the marriage. Ruksar gets adorned in bridal wear.

She gets mad in happiness. She loves Kabeer and wanted to marry him since ever. She can’t believe her dream coming true. Zara will learn that Kabeer has married Ruksar to save her from the death sentence. Ruksar had earlier filled poison in Zara’s life. Even now, Kabeer gets tricked and marries Ruksar inside the jail. All he has in his mind is to save Ruksar’s life and fulfill his promise. He realizes that he has done injustice with Zara, but is sure that Zara will understand his situation and decision.

Kabeer imagines Zara and hugs her. He shares his dilemma with her. He feels sorry to cheat Zara. Zara pacifies him. Ruksar dreams about Kabeer. Ruksar wishes Kabeer accepts his love. Zara also dreams about him and shares a cute emotional moment with him. She can never imagine about Kabeer and Ruksar’s marriage. Ruksar learns that Kabeer has married her, just to save her from death. Kabeer tells her that he will not accept the relation, he has married her to save her life. Ruksar asks Kabeer if their relation is illegitimate. He tells her that he has done a legitimate thing to save her life. He asks Ruksar not to think of anything wrong. Ruksar gets hell bent to get him.

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