Silsila: Divorce twist to strike both the couples


Silsila: Divorce twist to strike both the couples… Mauli decides to take divorce from Kunal and end their relation. She wants to free Kunal from the unwanted relation. She realizes that Nandini has taken her place, and now Kunal will not come back. She fights for herself and applies for divorce. Mauli has taken the big decision to change their lives. She meets her lawyer. She calls Kunal at the lawyer’s place. She tells her decision that she wants to divorce him. She thinks Kunal and Nandini still love each other, even when they are living away. She has seen Nandini’s madness and love for Kunal. She finds Kunal restless and unhappy without Nandini. She makes a big sacrifice and want to get away from their lives. Mauli and Kunal have to spend a month time to take the mutual divorce legally.

Rajdeep and Kunal get into an argument. Kunal wants Nandini to get free. Kunal provokes Rajdeep and makes him confess the crimes. He gets the confession witnessed by police and the lawyer. Rajdeep doesn’t agree to divorce Nandini. Rajdeep gets obsessed for Nandini. Kunal slaps Rajdeep in anger. Dida fakes a heart attack and asks Mauli not to break her relation with Kunal. She asks Mauli to give another chance to Kunal. She stops Mauli from taking divorce from Kunal. She emotionally blackmails Kunal.

She wants to save Kunal and Mauli’s marriage. Dida is sure that Kunal will realize his mistake soon. Kunal gets Rajdeep arrested. Rajdeep tells inspector that he is Nandini’s husband. Lawyer tells him that Nandini is not his personal property, if she is unhappy with the marriage, she has a right to apply for divorce. He says you can’t compel your relation on her, you have mentally tortured her and provoked her for suicide, she has given the statement against you. He asks Rajdeep to see the legal complaint filed by Nandini. Rajdeep gets a shock.

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