YHM: Sudha to declare an open war against Bhallas

YHM: Sudha to declare an open war against Bhallas

YHM: Sudha to declare an open war against Bhallas… Raman gets a surprise from the family. He gets happy seeing the automatic wheelchair. Ishita tells Raman that she has planned this surprise for him. He gets emotional with her thoughtful gift. She tells him that he will be happy when he doesn’t depend on anyone. Sudha mourns for Rajat’s death. She does Rajat’s final rites with a heavy heart. She promises to ruin Raman and Ishita’s family. She sheds tears for her brother. Raman and Ishita get the saddening news of Rajat’s suicide. Raman feels Rajat has done wrong to commit suicide. He tells Ishita that Sudha won’t take this light. Ishita tells Raman that Sudha is Rajat’s elder sister, and was very protective about him. Ishita tells him that she will meet Sudha and give her a condolence. Raman fails to get help from family members and falls down. He feels helpless once again. Sudha gets sorrowful when she finds hard to manage her work.

She can’t get over Rajat’s loss. Ishita meets Sudha and regrets for Rajat’s death. Sudha gets angry on Ishita. Ishita tells Sudha that they didn’t wish Rajat to commit suicide, they just wanted justice for Raman, so that Rajat knows his mistake and doesn’t repeat it. Sudha scolds her for coming to laugh on her sorrow. She asks Ishita to get lost from her hospital. Ruhi takes a stand for Ishita when Sudha insults Ishita. She asks Sudha why didn’t she see Rajat’s addiction and stopped him on time. She tells Sudha that Rajat would have been alive if she dealt with his addiction. She asks Sudha to know her responsibilities well. Ishita returns home and finds Raman fallen on the ground. She helps him and feels bad for him. Raman asks her not to feel bad, and make him feel helpless.

He gets happy and hopeful about his recovery. He tells her that he wants to meet a doctor and speed up his recovery process. Ishita tries to find an alliance for Ruhi. Ruhi doesn’t give her nod for settling down. The family asks her to meet the guy once and share her decision with them. They promise to accept her decision. Raman encourages Ruhi and asks her to believe in miracles. He tells her that he may start walking on her marriage day, he wants to recover just to do her kanyadaan. Ruhi gets emotional and agrees to meet the guy. The family likes the guy’s profile. Ruhi gets shy when she checks the profile. She doesn’t have any wish list. Ishita and Raman want a loving and caring guy for Ruhi, who keeps her happy. Sudha meets them to ruin their happiness. Sudha wants to break the alliance. She declares an open war to take revenge on Bhallas.


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