Ishq SubhanAllah: Ruksar to reveal Hamdam’s death incident

Ishq SubhanAllah: Ruksar distances Kabeer-Zara

Ishq SubhanAllah: Ruksar to reveal Hamdam’s death incident… Ruksar gets happy that Kabeer is marrying him. She dances with joy. Kabeer asks Ruksar to stay away, when she goes to hug him. She feels her life’s motive got completed that Kabeer is marrying her. She asks Kabeer if he is really marrying her, does he not hate her now. Kabeer gives her a positive reply. Ruksar tells him that she loves him the most. Ruksar will be becoming Kabeer’s second wife. Zara won’t accept the marriage, since Kabeer didn’t seek her consent before marrying Ruksar. Zara imagines Kabeer around. They spend emotional moments in her dream. Zara speaks her feelings to Kabeer and hugs him. Zara is lost in his thoughts. She sees Kabeer everywhere. She misses Kabeer.

She prepares things and waits for him. She learns that Kabeer is coming home with Ruksar. Zara gets happy thinking of her union with Kabeer. Zara and Kabeer love each other. Kabeer asks Ruksar not to be blind in her one sided love.

He clears that he has just loved Zara. He sticks to his principles. He can’t do injustice with Zara, by accepting Ruksar. He asks her about Hamdam. Ruksar reveals how Hamdam has tortured her after marriage, and kept her captive. She shares the matter that she has been suffering since three months. She accepts that she has killed Hamdam in defense, she had to save her life. Kabeer sympathizes with Ruksar, knowing her sufferings. Ruksar wants to take advantage of the marriage and snatch Kabeer from Zara.

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