Saam Daam Dand Bhed: Vijay returns to strike back

Saam Daam Dand Bhed: Vijay and Bulbul's new sorrow

Mandira and Bulbul try to find Vijay. Mandira gets police to check her dad’s house. She understands that her dad is involved in Vijay’s kidnapping. Her dad does drama. Bulbul tells Mandira that her dad is wasting their time, if Vijay was here, her dad would have not given them the keys, its his trick, he doesn’t want us to reach Vijay. Mandira tells her that dad has hidden Vijay at home and doing this drama. Bulbul says he is fooling us, I can’t sense Vijay here. Mandira realizes that maybe Vijay isn’t here. She tells Bulbul that they will check for Vijay once. Bulbul tells her that her dad came home knowing that they will be arriving any time, he was well prepared to welcome them home.

She reminds the puzzle note they got. She says Vijay can’t be here, he doesn’t have any memories here. Mandira’s dad gets happy that he has taught a lesson to Vijay. He celebrates after torturing Vijay and killing him. He spots Vijay and asks him how did he come, when he got killed. He sees he is seeing Vijay’s ghost in his drunken state. Vijay points gun at Mandira’s dad and threatens to kill him. Mandira and Bulbul want to rescue Vijay’s life. They get together in their attempt to save Vijay.


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