Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara to learn about Kabeer-Ruksar’s marriage

Ishq SubhanAllah

Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara to learn about Kabeer-Ruksar’s marriage… Kabeer and Zara face new hurdles in their lives. Zara gets busy in solving others’ problems and doesn’t focus on her life. Zara meets Hamdam’s family to apologize to them on Ruksar’s behalf. She offers them a compensation. They refuse the money and instead keep a condition that Kabeer becomes their slave. She asks them how can they punish Kabeer, when he isn’t involved in the matter. They get angry on Kabeer, since he has freed Ruksar from the jail. Hamdam’s dad asks Zara if money can fill in their son’s place. He scolds her for offering money to them to shut them up. She justifies that she has offered the compensation with a good intention, since their support, Hamdam is no more and their family needs financial stability.

Zara tells them that this can never happen, she wanted to help them, not bear any tortures. Zara informs Zeenat about Hamdam’s parents. She then plans to welcome Ruksar home. Zara gets a nice dream that Kabeer has come back with Ruksar happily.

Zeenat gets excited for Ruksar’s return. Ruksar madly loves Kabeer and wants him to accept her. Kabeer offers prayers to clear his dilemma and gain courage to break the marriage truth to Zara. He doesn’t want to cheat Zara. Kabeer gets Ruksar home and looks tensed. Zara wants to know the matter. Kabeer tells her that he needs to talk to her. She asks if the matter is important, since she has to meet Ruksar. Kabeer takes Zara with her. He fears for her reaction on the marriage. Kabeer reveals about his marriage with Ruksar, which stuns Zara.


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