Ishqbaaz: Shocking revelations and big twists ahead


Ishqbaaz: Shocking revelations and big twists ahead… Shivay meets Bhavya as Majnu Awara and misleads her. Bhavya doesn’t ask him anything. She doesn’t suspect him. Anika gets happy that Shivay got saved. He goes to talk to Mohit. He doesn’t find him at home. He gets clues about Mohit, who went out on the party night without telling anyone. He thinks to meet Mohit and confront him directly. He asks Anika to talk to Mohit and try to lessen his sorrow. He worries for Mohit. He really thinks Mohit is suffering. Anika assures Shivay that she will talk to Mohit and find to find out. She tells him that she will be with him. He tells her that he isn’t Shivay for the family, if anyone sees her with him, they will misunderstand her for being with Majnu. She refuses to get away from him. She tells him that everyone has already slept and she wants to be with him. They lie under the sky and count the stars, which makes a moment for them.

He calls her completely crazy. She expected him to express love. She is happy to be with Shivay, as long as they are together and in peace. She wishes the moment freezes for them. Shivay tells her that he will talk to Mohit and seek his help to find the real murderer. She encourages him to win. Tej shocks the family by calling the media home and making an important announcement. He tells the media that Shivay isn’t related to him now. He wants his sons to get significance. He publicly ends the relation with Shivay. He decides that he will head the business and have his sons to his support. He disowns Shivay from the family as well. Tej takes charge of all the business single-handedly.

He tells the media that Shivay is Nancy’s murderer, and he won’t support a criminal. He answers the media who blames Shivay. Tej’s move breaks Shivay’s heart. Shivay and Anika turn upset, while the family gets angry on Tej. Tej wants to save the company stocks. He asks Majnu to arrange refreshments for the media. He treats Shivay as a servant. Anika feels bad and wants to share Shivay’s work. Anika cries for him. Omkara and Rudra get the hint by Anika’s dropping tears. They console Anika and apologize to her on behalf of Tej’s bitter statements. Anika doesn’t want Shivay to work as a servant in his own house, where is the heir of the total empire.

Omkara and Rudra learn that Shivay is living with them as Majnu Awara. They feel bad seeing Tej ill-treating Shivay. Shivay asks Anika not to worry for him, he is fine and this work doesn’t matter to him. Omkara and Rudra take a step to keep their elder brother’s respect and take up the work. They get emotional on seeing Shivay. They support Shivay. They tell Shivay that he knows him now and won’t let him do this work. They hug Shivay and weep together. Shivay tells them that none should know his identity, he is living with them only to find the murderer. He tells them that he is waiting to clarify things with Mohit. Omkara and Rudra ask him never to do anything alone again and take them in loop. Mohit has killed his wife for the sake of her property and framed Shivay. Shivay follows Mohit and learns the entire truth, when he finds Mohit meeting his lover Nancy.


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