TR’s Reminders(PicFiction): Kasautii, Ishqbaaz and more…

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Anurag and Prerna break their silence of ten years and start turning into friends. They see each other’s unseen side. Anurag stays protective about her. Anurag finds Prerna stuck inside the fire. He manages to pull off a miracle and jumps inside the fire to save her. He tells her that he has taken a big risk just for her and won’t leave without her. They both get blessed by Durga Mata. Moloy witnesses Anurag’s unspoken love for Prerna and decides to get them married. Mohini has other plans and brings in Komolika, finding her the best match for Anurag.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Tara and Virat try to burn Aarohi alive. They trap Aarohi inside the wooden pyre and light the fire. Tara thinks Aarohi is out of her life now. Deep becomes an angel for Aarohi again, and saves Aarohi. He finds her injured and takes her away from Tara and Virat’s sight. Deep worries for his child in Aarohi’s womb. Tara wants the child to die, knowing the child is connected Deep to Aarohi again.

YHM: Ruhi to get inspired by IshRa’s true love… Raman loses his will power by the tough physiotherapy exercises. He tells Ishita that he isn’t able to tolerate the pain and wants to give up. She tells him that its his first day and he has to be strong to focus. She asks him not to give up so soon, the tough things will look easy with time. Raman tells her that he can’t do anything more. He is fine to accept his failure. She reminds him their life’s struggles, what they have gone through for the sake of their children. She asks him to tolerate the pain and get determined at least for Ruhi’s sake, since he has promised Ruhi about his recovery.

Shivay and Anika have a cute moment, when Anika shares the floor bedding with him. He knows Anika’s love for him. Anika is aware that Shivay lived in luxuries since his childhood. She wants to share his pain of living a commoner’s life. She tells him that she will be happy with him, any way they live. Shivay gets emotional to have Anika with her. Shivay wants to tell her about his feelings. Anika asks him to complete his talk, which he wanted to tell her on that party night. He gears up to make a love confession.

Papa By Chance:
Yuvaan wants to prove Rohan’s interest in boys and reaches the club to gather evidence against him. He takes the kids along, but isn’t given the entry. Yuvaan manages to trick the guards, by turning the kids into teens by a disguise. Yuvaan can’t leave them alone. Yuvaan gets evidence of Rohan’s cheat. He takes the video and pictures to Amrit, and reveals Rohan’s big cheat, which breaks Amrit’s heart.

Internet Wala Love:
Jai and Aadhya come closer even when Samrat tries to create a rift between them. Samrat also realizes that destiny is bringing Jai and Aadhya together, but wants to fight with destiny to get Aadhya. He gets mad for Aadhya. He gets determined to create more misunderstandings and break their bond. Jai requests his internet chat friend to meet. Aadhya accepts his request. They get excited to meet. When they land at the cafe, they see each other and get into a fight. They don’t realize that they are each other’s secret friend.

Palak pushes Ishika in the river. Roop also jumps after Ishika to save her. He doesn’t know that Palak has pushed Ishika. They reach an island and have a filmi romance moment. Roop protects Ishika. They spend some time. Ishika thanks Roop for saving her life. They try to gain help from people. She gets a flag to raise and get people’s attention. Roop doesn’t think anyone will come to help. He enjoys his private time with Ishika and wants to be with her.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Singhanias worry for Naira’s illness and support her. Kartik hands over his wedding invite to Naira to hurt her heart. Suwarna convinces Kartik for the marriage with Ashi. Naira feels painful that she is losing Kartik forever, but this won’t happen. The lovers will be brought together by destiny once again.

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