Ishqbaaz: Nancy to disclose bigger secrets

Ishqbaaz: Nancy to disclose bigger secrets

Ishqbaaz: Nancy to disclose bigger secrets.. Omkara and Rudra promise to support Shivay. Anika tells them that she knew about him, but Shivay didn’t let her tell them. Shivay doesn’t feel bad of Tej’s move. He believes that Tej is doing everything for company’s betterment. He tells them that though he has got the clues, he needs Mohit’s help to find the murderer. Mohit meets the lawyer and wants his wife’s property at the earliest. Mohit gets interested in getting the property, and shows his true face. Shivay overhears him and wants to know more about Mohit’s wife. He follows Mohit in an attempt to find the truth. Shivay gets stuck in the procession, while Mohit escapes in time. Shivay makes a hearty prayer that he finds the truth somehow. Shivay’s prayers get answers, as he comes face to face with Nancy. He gets a big shock on finding her alive. Nancy doesn’t recognize him, since he is in Majnu’s disguise.

Shivay wonders how is Nancy alive. He loses track of Mohit and follows Nancy to find out. He realizes he is innocent and this is the biggest proof. He wants to expose Nancy. Nancy meets Mohit, who tries his magical tricks on her. He angrily slaps her and asks her why did she roam publicly, couldn’t she party later. He reprimands her for going out of the hotel room. Nancy tells him that they have no relation, and she won’t accept his orders. Mohit asks his aide not to anger him. He asks her to continue the drama till he gets the money. She threatens him about exposing him. She tells him that she knows he has framed Shivay by killing his wife that day. Mohit asks her to be tight-lipped if she wants to live. He captures Nancy when she rebels. Anika looks for Shivay and shares her concern with Jhanvi.

Shivay returns home and tells Anika that he has seen Nancy. Anika informs the biggest news to Omkara and Rudra. Mohit gets alert that they are helping Shivay. Anika doesn’t want Mohit to know this. She asks them not to tell even Mohit about this. Mohit realizes Shivay is close to know his game. He calls up his boss and reveals that Shivay is close to truth. Mohit is working for someone against Shivay. Shivay tries to talk to Mohit. Mohit gets angered on him. Bhavya visits them and tells them that she has come to nab Shivay. She asks the family members who is helping Shivay. She suspects Majnu. She tells them that she will also stay with them in their house. Tej and Mohit get upset with this.

Mohit gives her a green signal to live with them to catch the culprit. Bhavya restrains him as well. She tells him that he is also a suspect, since he is related to the case. Mohit tells her that he isn’t an Oberoi and wants the culprit to get caught. Bhavya doesn’t change the rule for anyone. Anika tells Shivay that he shouldn’t talk to Mohit now, since Bhavya is around. Tej and Mohit want to get Shivay arrested.


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