Super-union of Kartik and Naira to unite families in Yeh Rishta…

Super-union of Kartik and Naira to unite families in Yeh Rishta...

Super-union of Kartik and Naira to unite families in Yeh Rishta…… Suwarna makes a plan to unite Kartik and Naira. Her one good deed makes everyone forget all her past mistakes. The families feel proud that Suwarna has forgiven Naira and accepted her as Kartik’s life partner. Naira gets much happiness, just because of her illness. Naira learns Suwarna and Kartik’s plan. Suwarna wants the family to unite again. She asks Naira to come back in Goenka family as Kartik’s wife. Kartik tells Naira that he is thankful to the families for helping him. Kirti meets Naira and asks her never to hide any sorrow from them. She gets emotional knowing the reason of Naira cheating Kartik. She tells Naira that she was very much upset when Naira broke Kartik’s heart, but now she understands her decision. The families get much emotional and happy.

Kartik and Naira have a big union. Kartik apologizes to Naira for mocking the marriage only to make her accept his love. Kartik tells her that he knows about her illness, which isn’t bigger than their love. He tells her that they will together fight with her illness and defeat it.

The moment of their union finally comes. Naira will battle for life with Kartik’s support and strength. Naira finally gets Kartik. He tells her that she is mad to think that he will marry someone else. They have an emotional union. Naira explains her why she decided to keep him away, only for his betterment. Kartik asks her to forget everything now. He gets sweets for her and feeds her, giving the good news that he will marry her with the families’ consent. He tells her that its not her mistake, he would have done the same being in her place. Naira cries and beats Kartik. He jokes that she has get into the tigress mode again. KaiRa’s Maha Milan will be seen. Kartik tells her that he will never leave her, till the last breath of his life. They hug and cry. Their families bless them and their true love.

Manish and Naitik resume their friendship. They apologize to each other for their bitterness. Both the families unite one again with KaiRa’s union. They want to encourage Naira to fight with the illness. Everyone wants to keep Naira away from stress and sorrow. Suwarna tells Naira that she was wrong to interfere in Kartik and Naira’s life. She feels elders shouldn’t force decisions on children. Suwarna and Manish ask Kartik and Naira to forgive them. Kartik tells his parents that he is proud of them, since they have always supported him.

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