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TR’s Quick Reads on Tellyreviews… Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer tells Ruksar that he will take her to the court and get her innocence proved. He gets details of Hamdam’s murder case. Kabeer brings a witness Farhaan, who changes her statement. Farhaan speaks against Ruksar. Kabeer explains Farhaan that he should just tell the truth. Farhaan tells Kabeer that Ruksar used to trouble Hamdam, Ruksar has killed Hamdam. He tells that Hamdam never tortured Ruksar. Kabeer can do anything to save Ruksar, who is like family to him. He didn’t wish Ruksar to get punished. Ruksar is proved guilty. He tells her that he married her just to re-open the case.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika loses her cool when the court gives verdict against her. She attacks Deepak in anger. Vedika screams in tension and suddenly collapses. Sahil supports Vedika and gets worried for her. He realizes her love for Ved. He doesn’t want Vedika to suffer more. Ved wants to be with Vedika, even when court makes them separated.

Perfect Pati:
Pushkar and Vidhi get married. Maasa, Urvashi and Rangeela plot against the marriage. They don’t want Vidhi to marry Pushkar and try hard. Pushkar disappear from the marriage. Everyone waits for him. Ashwin asks Rajshri where did Pushkar go. Pushkar knows his enemies. Rangeela and Urvashi fail to stop the marriage. Ashwin gets happy for Vidhi. All his misunderstandings regarding Pushkar get cleared. Ashwin and Nivedita wish Vidhi a good life. Vidhi will be learning Pushkar’s real face after the marriage.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya and Abhi’s confrontation goes on regarding King. Abhi tells her that she is misunderstanding him. He tells Pragya that he is innocent, he didn’t frame King. She tells him that she completely trusts King. He asks her why doesn’t she know about King, if she lives with him. He tries to make her understand their relation’s reality. She gets doubting him more and blames him for getting King arrested. He gets too hurt by her words, and thinks its useless to explain his innocence to her. He takes all the blames on her and admits that he has done all the wrong things. Pragya wants to fight for King and get justice. Abhi also wants to find Neha. He wants the culprit to get punished. Abhi and Purab try to find truth about Tarun. Pragya wants to prove King’s innocence at any cost and gains information about Tarun.


Harak spots Soumya with Harman. He takes away Harman with him. He tells Harman that he is his dad. He wants to separate Soumya from him. He doesn’t want Harman to fall in love with a kinner again. Harak thinks its good that Harman has lost his memories, he can start his life afresh without Soumya around.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:
Guddan performs in her own marriage. She does Ghoomar, by donning a ghunghat. She wants to run away from the marriage venue. She tries hard to break the relation with Akshat. Akshat just wants to marry Guddan. Guddan falls in trouble when she reaches back to the venue. Guddan and Akshat’s haldi ceremony happens.

Roop wants to confess love to Ishika. Hina meets them in the jungle and becomes an angel in the story. She asks him not to delay and share his feelings soon. Roop loves Ishika a lot. They come close while he takes care of her. Ranvir reaches there and gets angered seeing them together. Ranvir wants to kill Roop. He hates Roop. He doesn’t like Roop to come between Ishika and him. He wants to marry Ishika. She sees a new side of Roop and realizes that he isn’t so bad as Ranvir projected him. Roop and Ishika will be facing Ranvir’s wrath.

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