YHM: Sudha to break Bhallas’ unity and harmony

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

YHM: Sudha to break Bhallas’ unity and harmony…. Aaliya gains the business deal based on merit. She thanks the client for agreeing to work with them. Rohan apologizes to them and tells them that he has done the drama to get the client’s attention. Aaliya apologizes on Rohan’s behalf. She thanks Rohan for helping her in the deal. She informs the family that she has got the deal for Romi. Raman tells Romi that Aaliya has managed to get the deal. Romi feels sorry to shout on Aaliya. Rohan drops Aaliya home. Rohan gets mistaken about Aaliya living with her in-laws. He likes Aaliya and thinks she is unmarried. Aaliya tells everyone about her new friend Rohan, who helped her a lot. Raman finds Rohan a nice guy. He tells Ishita that Sudha is venting out enmity and hurting Ruhi. He doesn’t think Ruhi deserves this. He asks her to solve the misunderstanding with Monica. Rohan and Aaliya’s friendship grows. Ruhi gets happy to know that there is a guy in Aaliya’s life. She pulls Aaliya’s leg. Aaliya tells Ruhi that she isn’t planning anything such.

Ruhi likes Aaliya’s confidence. She tells Aaliya that she had Rohan’s bracelet when Aaliya threw it. She gives it to Aaliya. Aaliya gets thankful and thinks to return it to Rohan. Romi and Aaliya meet the client for the meeting. Sudha calls up Romi and tries to make a cunning move. She asks him to sell off the company to her. She instigates him against Raman. She tells him that she can help him in leading his own business. She asks him if he is happy in handling Raman’s business. He doesn’t understand what does she want to say. She tells him that she has thought well and wants to keep the business proposal to him. Ishita goes to meet Monica, and overhears Rohan’s conversation. She gets impressed hearing Rohan’s sweet words. She learns his thoughts. She thinks Rohan would be a good match for Ruhi.

Rohan sees Ishita there and gets mistaken that Ishita is Aaliya’s mother. Ishita clears Monica’s misunderstanding about Ruhi. She tells about Ruhi. Rohan hears about Ruhi, and gets mistaken that its about Aaliya. He gets interested to meet Aaliya. Romi gets troubled by Sudha. He asks her not to call him again. Ishita finds him worried and asks the matter. He tells her about Sudha proposing to buy the company. Ishita asks him to meet Sudha, so that they can teach her a lesson. Romi meets Sudha and tells her that he has a share in Raman’s company. He fools her that he will sell his shares to her.

He calls Ishita there. Ishita’s presence gives a shock to Sudha. Ishita tells Sudha that her plans to break the family will fail. She tells that its impossible to break the family. Romi tells Sudha that they are a united family. Bhallas meet Sudha to show the strength and unity of the family. Sudha fails to divide and rule Raman and Romi. Ishita asks Sudha not to try anything such. Sudha swears to break their family. Ishita and Raman ask her to do whatever she can.


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