Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Beginning of a new tangled love triangle

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Beginning of a new tangled love triangle… Sudha has sworn to ruin Bhallas’ happiness in order to take revenge for Rajat’s suicide. She promises to break Bhalla family and shatter Raman’s pride. Sudha keeps a watch on Bhallas to find the weak link, through which she can start creating a rift in the family. She targets Romi first, but fails, since Romi has become a pillar of strength for Bhallas now. Sudha spies on Ruhi and Aaliya. She learns about Aaliya’s growing friendship with Rohan. She realizes the big advantage that came on her side, because of Rohan. It gets revealed that Rohan is her son. She learns Rohan has interest in Aaliya, while Bhallas want to fix Ruhi’s alliance with Rohan, unaware that Rohan is her son.

Sudha wants to play her cards and divide and rule Bhallas by using Ruhi and Aaliya. Sudha plots the love triangle, between Ruhi, Rohan and Aaliya by manipulating them and keeping secrecy about their terms. She is sure that Bhallas will value Aaliya’s happiness. She doesn’t want Bhallas to get any happiness. Rohan isn’t aware that Aaliya is a widower. He falls in love with Aaliya, after hearing Ruhi’s profile at the marriage bureau.


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