YHM: Raman proves himself by cracking a tough deal

YHM: Raman proves himself by cracking a tough deal

YHM: Raman proves himself by cracking a tough deal… Raman and Ishita show their family unity and anger Sudha. Raman tells her that though he is on his wheelchair, he is more stronger before, since he has his family with him. He asks her not to try to break them, they will always be together. Sudha gets frustrated seeing them. Raman tries to help Aaliya in the project work. Ishita asks him to go office and work. He expected her to stop him from work and making him rest more. She tells him that she understands what gives him happiness. She wants him to break the shell and go out to feel very much abled. Raman thanks her for understanding him. Ishita helps him get ready for going office. Raman tells the family that he is going to office. The family gets happy for him. Ishita wishes that Raman gets his respect. Everyone praises Ishita for supporting Raman so much and understanding his happiness.

Mani feels Ishita is the reason behind Raman’s success. Ruhi tells Mani that Raman will be resuming office today and also crack a tough deal. Romi asks Raman to handle the tough clients. Romi goes to park the car and leaves Raman near the stairs. Raman doesn’t feel bad. Romi tells him that he will take her in. Raman learns that Ishita has done all the arrangements for him already. The guards arrange the plank for his wheelchair. Raman tries to keep his mind off his disability. He tells Romi that he has realized that he has taken his life for granted till now. He feels the pain of such disabled person. He tells Romi that they should help some people for the sake of humanity. Ishita stays tensed and wants to know about Raman’s day at office. Mrs. Bhalla finds her worrying and pacifies her. She asks Ishita to better go and meet Raman, by the excuse of giving tiffin.

Ishita thanks her for the wonderful idea. She finds Mrs. Bhalla more worried. She asks her to take the tiffin for Raman. Mrs. Bhalla finds her very understandings. Raman enjoys doing his work. Romi and Ruhi ask Raman to go through the deal papers and meet clients. Raman cracks the deal with ease. Everyone likes Raman’s confidence. Raman doesn’t want to upset the client, and asks him to stay on his ways to be sure about the deal. The client tells him that he wants to match their kundlis before signing the deal. Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla meet Raman in the office. Pandit gives the prediction and tells Bhallas about the marriage of a family members.

Everyone gets happy and wants Ruhi to marry soon. Raman introduces his wife to the client. The client gets the kundlis matched and signs the deal with Raman. Raman dines with everyone in office. Aaliya makes excuse and goes to meet Rohan. Ruhi realizes Aaliya lied to them. Aaliya returns the bracelet to Rohan. Rohan flirts with her and tells her that he really likes her. He asks Aaliya to keep his bracelet. She accepts his gift. Rohan finds her very charming. She tells him that she needs to go for work meeting. Sudha gets happy to see them, and makes a plan to strike Bhallas and their happiness by using Aaliya.

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