Silsila: Mauli loses hope in her marriage

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Mauli's drunken drama amidst birthday bash

Silsila: Mauli loses hope in her marriage… Nandini gets upset when she sees Mauli with Kunal. The people compliment Kunal and Mauli for their growing love. They pretend happy in front of everyone. Nandini can’t think of leaving from Kunal’s life, since she is mad about him. Kunal meets her and tells her that he is her love forever. He assures her of their togetherness and ends her insecurities. Dida stops Kunal from going to drop Nandini home. Dida feels Mauli has done a lot for Nandini and invited problems in her family. Kunal misses Nandini and chats her with. Mauli feels hurt knowing about Kunal and Nandini’s night chats. She sees Kunal sleeping and helps him lie property. She gets his phone and checks the chats. She gets disturbed reading the messages.

Kunal has decided that he loves Nandini now. He doesn’t care for Dadi’s request to mend his relation with Mauli. He isn’t in love with his wife now. He wants to settle down with Nandini.

Kunal isn’t a perfect husband and this got evident now. He wants to be loyal to Nandini now. He failed to be loyal to Mauli. Kunal feels he never wanted to cheat Mauli. He doesn’t want to be with Mauli and embarrass her more. He feels guilty. He wants to move on with Nandini and have a family. Kunal and Nandini have much inclination towards each other. He feels sorry for Mauli. He thinks to fulfill Nandini’s dreams. He forgets that Mauli has done everything for his dreams.

Dida stops Kunal from meeting Nandini. She sends Mauli with him. Kunal returns home to avoid the awkward moment. Mauli thinks to forgive Kunal, but she takes the step back when she finds him madly in love with Nandini. She understands that Kunal has gone too far and will never return to her. She gets frustrated while keeping the relation for Dida’s happiness.


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