Krishna Chali London: Shukla goes an extra mile to secure Radhe

Krishna Chali London Shukla to sense another doom

Krishna Chali London: Shukla goes an extra mile to secure Radhe… Shukla surprises Radhe and Krishna. He gets shocked seeing Radhe’s state. Krishna apologizes to him. Shukla gets worried for his son. He breaks down. Radhe consoles his dad. He apologizes for his lie. Shukla gets annoyed with Krishna. She fears his reaction. Shukla reprimands Gajanan for not taking care of Radhe. He gets angry on his sons for blindly following Krishna. He tells them that he isn’t related to Krishna now. He ousts her from the ward, hurting Krishna and Radhe’s heart. Shukla’s wife has no idea about Radhe’s state. Dubey and Bua meet her to know about Krishna. They stay worried about Krishna. Gajanan informs that he is coming back home with Krishna and Radhe. Dubey gets a relief.

Gajanan asks Krishna not to talk to Shukla for some time, till he copes up with Radhe’s state. Radhe tells Shukla how he kidnapped Prashant and did this to stop Krishna in his life. He justifies his move made for his wife. Shukla scolds him for assuming him to be so brave to bear a bullet. He tells Radhe that Prashant is determined to get him arrested. He asks Radhe to just do as he says. Prashant files the police complaint against Radhe and proves him to be a criminal. He wants Radhe arrested.

Radhe and Krishna get ready to leave for their home. Radhe tells her that they will face Shukla’s anger together and overcome it. He thanks her for always being with him. Radhe and Krishna get happy with their life’s new beginning. They have an emotional moment. Krishna shows much faith in him. Radhe fears of falling in her sight when the truth comes out. Radhe arrives to his town. Shukla wants to protect his son from police. What will Shukla do to stop Radhe’s arrest? Keep reading.


  1. viewers are glad to see Krishna’s love confession to Radhe. but shukla’s entry have spoiled their moments. dont want to see more shukla’s drama.

  2. The story of tserial is far away from the reality around all of us.. gender the massage given to the society is mis guidelines for all.which is enough to close the serial like this with immediate effect…


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