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Ruhi tells Raman and Ishita that she isn’t over the bad phase of Nikhil’s cheat, she can’t think of marriage, and agreed for the sake of Raman’s happiness. She wants them to understand that she isn’t mentally prepared for marriage, the past fears are still haunting her. Raman asks Ruhi to free free to reject the alliance if she feels the guy unsuitable. He is sure that Ruhi will get over the past once she finds hope in a new alliance. Raman wants her life to change for the good. Ishita tells Raman that Ruhi isn’t willing to meet the guy. Raman convinces Ruhi to move on.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna plans a romantic surprise for Radhe. Radhe acknowledges her feelings. He gets on cloud nine after hearing her love confession. they celebrate their new found love, which gets interrupted by Shukla. Shukla blames Krishna for Radhe’s state and declares that he wants them divorced. Shukla plans to get Radhe married to someone else.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Navin’s alliance to crop problems for Prerna… Rajesh stays stressed about the loan repayment to Moloy. He learns that Moloy has gone out of city for a meeting. He gets calls from office. Rajesh tells Veena that he has already told the manager that he will deposit cheque. He feels bad to fail in keeping his word. He gets too hyper, and doesn’t realize that Prerna is listening everything. Prerna asks Veena to share the problem with her. On learning about the land deal cancellation, Prerna tells Rajesh that she will try to get a job and manage finances. The family gets a shock when Navin and Mohini come home with an alliance for Prerna.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer and Zara decide to resume their marriage functions. They are remarrying after cancelling their divorce. Everyone is happy for them. The marriage day finally comes. Ruksar goes to tie Sehra to Kabeer. Kabeer gets angry on Ruksar, for fulfilling the ritual. Ruksar asks him who is she to him. Kabeer angrily tells everyone that Ruksar is his wife. Ruksar provokes him to tell everyone the truth. This turns out to be Ruksar’s dream. Zeenat tries the Sehra to Kabeer and takes him for Nikaah with Zara. Ruksar stops the marriage by revealing the marriage truth.

Papa By Chance:

Amrit gets mistaken about Yuvaan. She assumes that he is going to commit suicide and calls the entire family to save his life. The friend is her get awakened seeing the threat on Yuvaan. Amrit gains courage to break the door and reach him. Yuvaan tells her that he isn’t planning anything such. Yuvaan’s emotional blackmail melts Bela’s heart. He wins her forgiveness. Amrit also tones down her anger and gives him time to manage his expenses. He breaks the news that he lost his job, all thanks to Harman Batra.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Virat and Tara plan an evil attack on Aarohi once again. Aarohi tries to find Deep, but gets trapped. The goons tie up Aarohi. She can’t trust anyone. She doesn’t know if Deep is lying to her. Tara confuses Aarohi about Deep. She feels Deep is playing a game with her. She tries to know who is saying the truth. Aarohi takes the gun and points at them. She runs away from them. Virat and Tara follow Aarohi. They witness a murder on the road. Aarohi rushes to save Surekha, who was going to hand over an evidence. Surekha tells Aarohi that Deep is behind all the evil. Virat asks her what else does she know about Deep, what secrets is he hiding. Aarohi falls in dilemma. Surekha loses her life. Aarohi feels she has made a big mistake to trust Deep.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Majaaz meets Mariam after much difficulty. He tries to take her away. He tells the nurse that he is Mariam’s father and doesn’t want to give consent for her kidney transplant. The nurse doesn’t believe him and thinks he is making stories to kidnap the girl. She calls the cops there. Majaaz rushes Mariam out of the operation theatre and struggles to hide from the cops.

Mohit wants to catch Anika romancing with Majnu to prove her characterless. He wants to prove that Shivay wasn’t happy with his wife Anika, and hence got attracted towards Nancy. Mohit gathers strong evidence against Anika. He reveals to Bhavya about Anika and Majnu’s affair. Omkara and Rudra are well aware that Shivay is Majnu, and save Anika’s name and pride. Anika denies Mohit’s blames. She doesn’t reveal that Shivay is living with them as Majnu.

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