Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Rohan to cause a commotion in Bhalla Family

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita worries over impulsive Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Rohan to cause a commotion in Bhalla Family… Ruhi asks Aaliya about her lie. She teases Aaliya about Rohan. Aaliya admits that she lied to meet Rohan. She tells Ruhi that she just wanted to thank Rohan for getting a contract for Romi. Ruhi is happy that Aaliya is moving on. Raman tells the staff that he wants sincerity in work. Ishita gets happy to see Raman back in form. She wants him to resume his normal life. Raman makes her promise that she will go home and not spy on him. He tells her that he is getting distracted. Ishita leaves for home. She hits Rohan’s car and apologizes to him for the damage. Rohan tells her that he doesn’t want any compensation, its fine, such accidents happen. Ishita finds him a nice guy. He drops them home. He learns about Bhallas finding a marriage alliance for their daughter. He thinks Aaliya is their daughter. He likes Ishita’s thinking and wants to know more about the family, who looks genuinely good to him. Mihika sees Rohan and asks about him.

Mrs. Bhalla tells Mihika that Rohan is a nice guy, who dropped them home when Ishita has hit his car. Mihika finds it strange and feels maybe he knows them. She asks Ishita not to trust strangers this way. Ishita tells her that she didn’t tell her address to Rohan, even then he brought them home. She wonders how Rohan knows them. The marriage consultant informs Ishita about a good alliance for Ruhi. Ishita agrees to meet the prospective groom’s family. Ruhi gets in tension. Ishita asks her to reject the guy if she doesn’t like. Ruhi gets silent seeing everyone happy. They all wish Ruhi good luck for the new start. Ruhi recollects her bad past and tells Ishita that she is scared to marry, she will make a wrong decision again. She doesn’t want to marry. She shares her fears with Ishita.

Ishita asks her to learn from bad experiences and move on. She tells her own story to Ruhi, her heartbreak and then her happy marriage with Raman. She asks Ruhi to inspire herself and make new relations. She is sure that Ruhi will find some strong relations. Ruhi feels she is happy with her life and everything will change after marriage. Ishita tells her that she will need a life partner, she can’t live alone. Ruhi doesn’t think she can love anyone again. Ishita tells her that she has also married a stranger, Raman wasn’t known to her, but she took a leap of faith to give her life a new start. She asks Ruhi to keep faith, she will fall in love. She gives time to Ruhi and convinces Ruhi. Rohan meets the family and gets surprised when Bhallas introduce Ruhi to him. Rohan clears out his intentions to marry Aaliya. He tells them that he likes Aaliya and has come to them with a marriage proposal for her. This shocks the entire family. They fear that Ruhi will get hurt and change her mind once again.

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