Ishqbaaz: Mohit throws a final challenge at Shivay

Ishqbaaz: Mohit throws a final challenge at Shivay

Ishqbaaz: Mohit throws a final challenge at Shivay… Rudra rushes to Omkara and asks him about Nancy. Omkara tells him that Nancy escaped, but Shivay will definitely catch her. They keep an eye on Mohit. Mohit is confident that the family didn’t learn about Shivay. He is sure to leave before Shivay comes. He entertains the people with his magical tricks. He also plans to disappear from the stage. He thinks Shivay will never reach him. Rudra asks Omkara to inform Shivay that Mohit is leaving. They try to call up Shivay so that Shivay can stop Mohit in time. Mohit comes up with his superb trick and asks the people to count down. Mohit bids a farewell to everyone. Mohit’s trick fails because of Shivay. Shivay reaches there as Majnu Awara. Shivay gets into his original avatar and shocks Mohit by his deceptive disguise. He tells everyone that he is Shivay, the recently defamed wanted criminal, who was framed by Mohit.

Media questions Shivay about the blames on him. Shivay answers the reporters. He tells them that he is innocent, and didn’t murder anyone. He does a magical trick and gets Nancy on the stage. He gets Nancy arrested. He exposes Mohit by bringing Nancy there. He asks Nancy who framed him and who got murdered that night.

He makes the shocking revelation of his best friend framing him in a murder case. He tells them that Mohit had killed his real wife Priya, and got his assistant Nancy as his wife to deceive the family. He feels ashamed that Mohit is his friend. He explains how he has found the truth. He reveals Mohit and Nancy’ s cheap tactics to the media. He tells them how Mohit has taken advantage of their goodness and carried out this master plan to frame him. Shivay finally proves his innocence. He tells them how Mohit has brutally killed his wife to mislead the police.

He tells Mohit that he has trusted his friend so much, and got cheated big time. He tells Bhavya that he has run away from police to find the truth and prove his innocence. He solves the murder mystery. He tells Bhavya that he has gone to Oberoi mansion in disguise to hide from police, but this helped him collect more clues against Mohit. He also gives the murder motive, since Mohit has killed his wife for property. Shivay exposes Mohit’s truth, and rushes to save Anika’s life, when Mohit reveals about putting Anika in danger. Mohit challenges Shivay to save Anika. Will Shivay succeed? Keep reading.


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