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TR’s Quick Reads… Jija Ji Chath Par Hai:
Murari gets troubled by a lizard. He sees the lizard over Karuna’s head. He gets scared and fails to help her. He does Kung fu to scare the lizard. He falls down in shock. Ilaychi and Pancham reach there and ask Murari why did he faint. Pancham laughs on Murari for fainting after sighting a lizard. Ilaychi gets Murari back to senses. Murari asks where is the lizard. Karuna tells him that lizard has left. Murari apologizes that he couldn’t protect his wife from a lizard. He gets upset and drinks wine to forget the trauma. He challenges the lizard to come out and face him. Ilaychi wants Murari to get rid of his phobias. She plans to scare Murari and make him brave and fearless.


Muskaan’s heart melts seeing a little girl dancing on the road. She slips into the past memories. She supports the girl and gives her some money, asking her to start a new life. Ronak stops the lady and the girl. He wants to clear their misconception that one can earn a living by dancing. He scolds the lady for ruining her girl’s life. He says the world will not let this girl live well. He reprimands such dancers who are a stain on the society. Muskaan learns his thinking.

Papa By Chance:
The welfare officer turns out to be Yuvaan’s ex-girlfriend, whom he dumped some months ago. She refuses to help him in getting the children’s custody. Yuvaan asks her not to be harsh on the kids, who really need him. The girl gets angry as Yuvaan isn’t apologetic to her. Kashvi also tries to convince her. The kids request Amrit to help them out, as they want to stay with Yuvaan, having no shelter. They want Yuvaan as their guardian. Amrit finds them helpless and agrees to support. Amrit takes a disguise and meets the welfare officer to fix Yuvaan’s defamed image, so that he gets the children’s custody.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita faces difficulty in convincing Ruhi for meeting Rohan. Raman wishes his daughter moves over the bad past and welcomes a bright future. He wants Ruhi to focus on her present. Raman doesn’t know how to remove the bad memories from Ruhi. Ruhi fights with her inner dilemmas. She gets prepared to meet Rohan, unaware that Rohan is the same guy who has befriended Aaliya. Ruhi meets Rohan, who doesn’t look interested in her. Ruhi gets hurt over Rohan’s shocking reaction on their alliance. Rohan apologizes for hurting her sentiments. He tells Ishita and Raman that he has come to meet them to ask for their other daughter’s hand.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Mariam loses track of Mariam when he gets away for getting his wallet. He wants money to survive and get back to his home country. He gets shattered when Mariam goes out of his fight. Farhaan soon reaches Majaaz to capture him. Majaaz tries to run away from Farhaan. Farhaan attacks Majaaz and gets him. Farhaan learns Mariam has escaped. He fears for his boss’ reaction. He doesn’t know if his boss will spare him. He knows that Majaaz will not obey him without seeing Mariam. Farhaan sends his men to find Mariam, before she goes away. Majaaz doesn’t reveal any clue about Mariam’s whereabouts. He tries to escape from Farhaan’s captivity and reach the godown to find the sack in which he has hidden Mariam. Aayat also turns revengeful against Majaaz and Mariam, when she sees Jibraan battling for his life in the hospital. She isn’t aware of Hamdam and Junaid’s conspiracy to kill Jibraan.

Jiji Maa:
Suyash hides his critical illness from Falguni and family. He visits the doctor to know about his illness’ stage. Doctor tells him that he has very less time, he will survive just for three months maximum. Suyash gets worried as he has to set the family on track before his death. He thinks to break the news to the family when things get fine. He worries for Vidhaan’s life as well. He wishes Vidhaan gets fine and manages the family as a responsible son.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Aarohi gets trapped in Tara’s dirty trap, but Deep is under suspicion. Tara plans many attacks on Aarohi, but the latter gets saved. Aarohi doesn’t know why is Deep caring for her suddenly. She considers Deep as her enemy as well. Virat controls Tara and asks her to trap Aarohi than killing her. Aarohi wants to know what does Deep want from her. She suspects Deep to be behind Surekha’s death. Deep has to save Aarohi from Tara and Virat’s webs.

Anarkali saves Salim from an enemy’s attack. This makes Akbar get indebted to her. He tries to pay back for the big favor and gives a shelter to Anarkali and her aunt. He gives the little girl the name Anarkali, having found in a garden of pomegranate garden. Salim and Anarkali’s friendship grows, which irks quite a few in the royal palace. Salim takes a stand for his friend, who is different from ones in his palace. Salim finds Anarkali a great support.

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