Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: IshRa to make a tough choice

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: IshRa to make a tough choice

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: IshRa to make a tough choice… Ishita faces difficulty in convincing Ruhi for meeting Rohan. Raman wishes his daughter moves on over the bad past and welcomes a bright future. He wants Ruhi to focus on her present. Raman doesn’t know how to remove the bad memories from Ruhi. Ruhi fights with her inner dilemmas. She gets prepared to meet Rohan, unaware that Rohan is the same guy who has befriended Aaliya. Ruhi meets Rohan, who doesn’t look interested in her. Ruhi gets hurt over Rohan’s shocking reaction on their alliance. Rohan apologizes for hurting her sentiments. He tells Ishita and Raman that he has come to meet them to ask for their other daughter’s hand. He clears that he wants to marry Aaliya.

He gets too modest about his feelings for Aaliya. He tells Aaliya that he has come to meet her and talk about their alliance. Aaliya too gets taken aback as she didn’t expect Rohan to make such a move.

She just saw a good friend in him. She couldn’t move on over Adi’s deceive. Aaliya feels no one can fix her broken heart. Rohan learns the shocking truth that Aaliya is Bhallas’ Bahu, who is actually a widow now. Rohan was expecting her to be unmarried single. Rohan still proves his love and tells Bhallas that he wants to marry Aaliya, finding her a genuine person. Rohan doesn’t care for Aaliya’s widow state. Rohan rejects Ruhi’s proposals and gives a proposal for Aaliya. He gives time to Bhallas and Aaliya to think over it. This turns out to be Sudha’s masterplan to create a rift in Bhalla family. She wants to make Ishita and Raman choose between Aaliya and Ruhi, knowing a single choice will upset the entire family. What will Raman and Ishita decide about Aaliya’s remarriage? Keep reading.

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