Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar to revisit Nimrat’s memories

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar to revisit Nimrat's memories

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar to revisit Nimrat’s memories.. Sikandar demands Lovely to tell him about the evidences about Kulfi’s father. Lovely lies to him that she has burnt the diary, she doesn’t care for Kulfi, she doesn’t know about her father. She asks him to get real and think of Amyra. She tells him that it would be easy for her to go to Tevar and take Amyra along, but she didn’t go, as Amyra loves him. She tells him that Tevar was going to accept Amyra because of her. She asks him to decide if he will accept Amyra and her. She wants to know his decision. He gets angry on her and asks her to tell him about Kulfi. He scolds her for hiding about Amyra. He doesn’t know how she has sent Kulfi to Tevar, despite knowing the truth. Sikandar blames her for ruining Kulfi’s life. She tells him that they have to think about Amyra. He asks her not to use Amyra as a shield. He tells her that he can never forgive her for this inhumane act. Lovely breaks down when her fears turn true. Sikandar sets out to find Kulfi’s father.

Lovely calls him up to know what is he up to. He doesn’t answer her call. Kulfi works hard to make her family the best one. She asks about Tevar. She wants Tevar to wake up early and start the day. Lovely shares the shocking happenings with Cutie.

She tells her that Sikandar has learnt Amyra’s birth truth. She can’t live without Sikandar. Cutie tells Lovely that they will always be with her. She asks Lovely not to worry about Sikandar. She tells Lovely that Tevar will surely accept Amyra after knowing the truth. Lovely doesn’t want to break Amyra’s heart by sharing such a truth. Kulfi wakes up Tevar. He asks her to let him sleep for a while. She doesn’t spare him. He gets happy with her efforts.

Lovely tells Cutie that Amyra needs her father, she regards Sikandar as her father. She wants to save her marriage with Sikandar. She admits that she loves Sikandar for all his good qualities. She tells Cutie that she will never return to Tevar. Sikandar reaches Chirauli and recalls her love vows with Nimrat. He revisits her memories. He gets emotional and feels he has been wrong while deciding for Nimrat. Search for Kulfi’s father makes him face his past once again. Kulfi makes Tevar do all the work on his own. Sikandar informs Lovely that he is in Chirauli, he will meet Kulfi’s uncle and know the truth. Lovely fears that Sikandar would learn the bigger truth too. She asks Cutie to help her and stop Sikandar from reaching the truth.

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