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Tonight On Star Plus… Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar to revisit Nimrat’s memories.. Sikandar demands Lovely to tell him about the evidences about Kulfi’s father. Lovely lies to him that she has burnt the diary, she doesn’t care for Kulfi, she doesn’t know about her father. She asks him to get real and think of Amyra. She tells him that it would be easy for her to go to Tevar and take Amyra along, but she didn’t go, as Amyra loves him. She tells him that Tevar was going to accept Amyra because of her. She asks him to decide if he will accept Amyra and her. She wants to know his decision. He gets angry on her and asks her to tell him about Kulfi. He scolds her for hiding about Amyra. He doesn’t know how she has sent Kulfi to Tevar, despite knowing the truth. Sikandar blames her for ruining Kulfi’s life. She tells him that they have to think about Amyra. He asks her not to use Amyra as a shield. He tells her that he can never forgive her for this inhumane act. Lovely breaks down when her fears turn true. Sikandar sets out to find Kulfi’s father.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Another entry to add big twists… Raman tells Rohan that Ruhi is his daughter, while Aaliya is his daughter-in-law. Rohan gets a shock when Shagun tells him that Aaliya is a widow now. Rohan can’t believe this. He tells them that its a misunderstanding, he wants to marry Aaliya even if she is a widow. Ishita tells Rohan that she has raised Aaliya, so Aaliya calls her mum. Rohan tells Aaliya that he loves her. Raman tells him that they have called him to talk about Ruhi. Rohan gets scolded by Raman. Ruhi is unable to handle the rejection. She gets upset. Aaliya asks Rohan to stop his madness and leave from her life. She tells him that she doesn’t want to marry. He tells her that he is ready to marry her, he doesn’t have any problem with her widow truth. He asks her to think again about the proposal.

Krishna Chali London: Huge twists with a big revelation… Shukla advises Radhe to apologize to Prashant so that Prashant takes the case back. Radhe doesn’t agree. He tells her that he can’t let Prashant take away Krishna. He threatens of committing suicide. He gets mad for Krishna. Shukla gets angry on him for his madness. Dubey comes to meet him and asks about Krishna. He doesn’t know that Krishna is at the police station. Krishna tells Bua that Radhe didn’t hurt her, Prashant is making stories to trouble them. Prashant asks her to see the truth. Krishna asks him to take the case back. She finds Saajan in lockup. Saajan admits his mistake. She tells him that she knows very well that Prashant has trapped them. She gets Saajan bailed out. She shows her belief in Radhe. She tells Prashant that Radhe has got shot for her in Mumbai, he has risked his life to save her. She praises Radhe and tells them that she loves Radhe.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: A panicking moment for KaiRa.. Naira tells Kartik that she has forgotten him, which she can’t tolerate. She shows the video to him. Kartik also breaks down seeing the video. He understands her pain and fears. He also goes through the same emotional turmoil. She tells him that she doesn’t want to die this way every day. She doesn’t want to go for surgery and better die. She tells him that she has read about the surgical complications. She wants to be with him with his memories. He asks her to keep courage. He finds hard to convince her. She asks him to take her away from the hospital. He asks her not to run away from the situation. She tells him that she doesn’t want to face anything that separates them. Kartik pacifies her. They have an emotional moment of sorrow. He tells her that he can’t live without her, he is ready to marry her, irrespective of her illness. He defines his true love to her once again.

Mariam Khan: Majaaz and Mariam to have a happy union… Majaaz asks people about Mariam. He gets a relief to know that Farhaan didn’t get Mariam till now. He spots Farhaan and hides from him. Rifat gets happy that she will get the haveli. Lawyer tells her that she can’t get the haveli, since it will be titled to Mariam till she turns 20 years old. She asks him to find some way to get the property on her name. Zain helps Mahira and her family. He also wants to save their family. Madiha gets worried that Majaaz is facing troubles because of Aayat. She doesn’t want to turn homeless. Aijaz learns the huge problems and feels helpless. Madiha tries to hide the sorrow from him. Aijaz asks her to believe in God and be true, they will get help. He encourages them. The lawyer finds a solution and asks Rifat to get the signatures of Mariam’s parent to get the haveli. Rifat wants to target Madiha. Majaaz visits the Dargah to pray for Mariam.

Ishqbaaz: Shivika’s union to mark end of Redux… Shivay reveals to Mohit that he has made the plan against him and involved Bhavya as well, by sharing his findings and evidences. He tells how he has trapped Mohit by taking his family’s help. He tells Mohit that he has got the clues against him, and then learnt about Priya. Shivay tells Mohit that he has made his lawyer lie about the property, so that Mohit does some mistake. He tells how he has found Nancy and got him in front of media to expose the plan. Media asks Mohit if he is really the murderer. Before Mohit could escape, Bhavya arrests him. She asks him to accept his crime.

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