Udaan to highlight another sensitive issue

Udaan to highlight another sensitive issue

Udaan to highlight another sensitive issue… Chakor and Suraj notice some car following them to the haveli. They get worried for Anjor. They suddenly get the shocking news of Tuntun’s death. Suraj tells Chakor that they have to rush to police station, the police has found Tuntun’s dead body dumped somewhere. Chakor can’t believe that Tuntun is no more. She hides the truth from Anjor. Chakor and Suraj meet the police inspector to know about Tuntun’s death. They ask how did this happen. Inspector tells them that the kidnappers are giving drugs to young girls to grow them before time, so that they can sell the girls for money. Chakor and Suraj get a big shock on knowing this. Tuntun’s parents break down with her death. They cry for Tuntun.

Chakor also shatters and gets a fear for Anjor in mind. Inspector tells them that no girl is safe in the village, till they expose the child trafficking racket and catch the culprits. Chakor gets protective about Anjor. Suraj also wants to do his best to protect his daughter. Suraj pacifies Chakor’s fears. Chakor recollects the pain of Tuntun’s parents. She doesn’t want to face such day in her life.

Suraj supports Tuntun’s family in doing the last rites of the little girl. Chakor rushes to school to pick Anjor before time and gets scared for her. She hugs Anjor, and tells her about Tuntun’s untimely death. Anjor also gets shattered with the worst truth. Chakor tells her that she doesn’t want to lose her. She stays alert about Anjor’s safety. Chakor pledges to fight against the criminals and bring peace in the village. She wants to secure the girls from evil doers.

Chakor and Suraj learn the news of a bomb blast at the school. They rush to school to save the kids. Suraj gets the police to school. Chakor meets Anjor and tells her that she is fine, nothing has happened. Suraj helps the police find the bomb. They realize that it was just a rumor. Principal says there is no bomb in the school, someone has spread this fake news to create a havoc and trouble us. Chakor declares that no child will attend school till Tuntun’s murderers are called. She shuts the school to protect the kids. Chakor and Suraj determine to reach the culprits and get them arrested. How will they do make this possible? Keep reading.


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