Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Another entry to add big twists

YHM: Divorce twist initiates interesting track

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Another entry to add big twists… Raman tells Rohan that Ruhi is his daughter, while Aaliya is his daughter-in-law. Rohan gets a shock when Shagun tells him that Aaliya is a widow now. Rohan can’t believe this. He tells them that its a misunderstanding, he wants to marry Aaliya even if she is a widow. Ishita tells Rohan that she has raised Aaliya, so Aaliya calls her mum. Rohan tells Aaliya that he loves her. Raman tells him that they have called him to talk about Ruhi. Rohan gets scolded by Raman. Ruhi is unable to handle the rejection. She gets upset. Aaliya asks Rohan to stop his madness and leave from her life. She tells him that she doesn’t want to marry. He tells her that he is ready to marry her, he doesn’t have any problem with her widow truth. He asks her to think again about the proposal.

Aaliya tells him that she isn’t interested in him and regarded him just a friend. She rebukes him and makes him out of the house. Ruhi starts crying and gets mad with the rejection. She can’t accept the fact that Rohan has come for Aaliya. Rohan also gets bashed up by Romi. Rohan tries to explain that he didn’t mean to hurt anyone, he didn’t know the truth about Aaliya. Ruhi asks them not to make fun of her. She blames everything for giving her hopes and then breaking her heart.

Aaliya gets her frustration out of Rohan. Ruhi tells them that she isn’t worth getting love from anyone. She gets depressed. She breaks down and tells them that she doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Rohan apologizes to Aaliya. He feels guilty for all the problems in her house. Ishita and Raman tell ruhi that everything happened by a small misunderstanding, Rohan came to meet Aaliya and this doesn’t mean that he has rejected Ruhi. She asks Ruhi not to take this moment as negative one.

Ruhi cries and asks them to leave her alone. Raman was worried that Ruhi won’t be able to take another rejection. Ishita pacifies him. She asks him to give some time to Ruhi. Rohan tells Romi that he really loves Aaliya. Romi loses his cool and asks him to leave, since Aaliya is their Bahu. Rohan’s brother Karan makes an entry and finds Rohan beaten up. He takes a stand for his brother.

Rohan calms down Karan. He takes responsibility for his mistake. Karan wants Romi to apologize to Rohan. Karan asks Rohan to forget Aaliya, since she is no match for him. Sudha does the rituals for Rajat’s soul peace. She wants revenge from Bhallas. She wants to punish them for Rajat’s death. Raman and Ishita stay worried for Ruhi. Ruhi finally breaks her silence and talks to them. Ishita tells Ruhi that they should wait to find a good match, deciding in haste won’t help. Ruhi gets negative about her future. She feels there is no one made for her. Aaliya feels sorry for Ruhi. She didn’t wish Rohan to hurt Ruhi’s sentiments. Ishita asks Ruhi not to give up, and deal with the problems. She encourages Ruhi to fight with such dull moments in life and move on. Ishita decides to get Aaliya married to Rohan, while Sudha starts manipulating Mani and Shagun against the Bhallas.


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