Shocking twists in Bepannaah and Shakti

Bepannaah to go off-air; Farewell to Aditya-Zoya

Aditya and Zoya gets happening. They exchange their love vows. Zoya promises to love Aditya till she is alive. Aditya tells her that they are of each other from now, they will always be together. Zoya realizes that someone is attacking her intentionally. She fears for Aditya’s life also. She tries hard to focus on her marriage. She gets excited for the marriage. They undergo the marriage rituals. Zoya gets a call. She gets informed about Wasim. Their marriage stays incomplete because of Wasim’s arrest. Zoya feels why isn’t happiness coming in her life. She truly loves Aditya. She runs from the mandap and leaves the marriage rituals unfulfilled. She rushes to meet Wasim. She wonders if their families are planning this to stop their marriage. Aditya and Zoya have to find their new enemy and solve the mystery.

Harak doesn’t want Soumya to return in Harman’s life. He is happy that Soumya is finally away. Harman and Soumya wish to meet again, and get excited. Harman meets Soumya. They both sing and dance, and celebrate their friendship. Harman learns that she is getting engaged to Sameer. He turns angry and gets scolding her for lying to him. He gets hurt that she is marrying someone else. He hurts her by falling in Harak’s conspiracy.

Harak doesn’t want the kinner to ruin Harman. Harak and Sameer succeed to separate them. Harman curses Soumya that she can never live happily. He says you have cheated me, you acted as a friend, but you are a thief. He says if you wanted money, I would have got money for you. He hands over the gift box to her and rushes out with Harak Singh. Soumya breaks down with Harman’s wrath. She tries to stop Harman, but he doesn’t listen to her. Sameer gets into an argument with Harman. Harak does a drama in front of Harman, and beats up Sameer. He defends his son. Sameer wants his love, Soumya. Sameer and Soumya get engaged. Harman doesn’t confess his love and hides his heartbreak. Soumya doesn’t understand what Harman wants.


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