Udaan: Anjor’s kidnapping comes as a shocker

Udaan: Anjor's kidnapping comes as a shocker

Udaan: Anjor’s kidnapping comes as a shocker.. Suraj and Chakor get disturbed by Tuntun’s death. They don’t want to lose Anjor to the criminals. The criminal Pandey wants to sell the young girls. He runs a big racket, while keeping his identity hidden from police. Chakor tries to track Pandey and catch him. She happens to see his face and thinks of informing police. Pandey calls Chakor and tells her that he doesn’t want her and Suraj’s interference in his business. Chakor shames him for his heinous crimes. Chakor gets threatened about Anjor. She challenges Pandey. He tells her that very soon she will lose her daughter. Chakor sounds confident and asks him to try what he can, but she will never let that happen. Anjor learns that Tuntun is no more. She feels bad and gets depressed. She misses her best friend. She asks Chakor to get justice for Tuntun. Tejaswini asks Anjor to have some food.

Anjor refuses to eat. Chakor worries for Anjor. Chakor asks Anjor to gave food for Tuntun’s sake. Anjor agrees to her. Chakor praises Anjor to be an obedient girl. Chakor asks Anjor to rest for some time. Suraj visits the police station and helps police in making the criminal’s sketch. He asks inspector to find Pandey soon, so that no more children get targeted. A man enters the haveli and kidnaps Anjor. She threatens Chakor and asks her to find Anjor if she can. Chakor looks for Anjor everywhere. She realizes Anjor is missing and cries. She gets worried and informs Suraj about the threat on Anjor. Chakor spots the same mysterious car. She follows the car to find Anjor.


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