Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira’s partial memory loss begins to inflict

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira's partial memory loss begins to inflict

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira’s partial memory loss begins to inflict… Doctor asks Kartik to marry soon, as Naira has to be operated at the earliest. He tells Kartik that surgery needs to be done tomorrow under any circumstances. He asks him to hide the matter from Naira. He doesn’t give any hope to Naira. Kids try to cheer up elders by singing an innocent rap for Naira. The elders get motivated by them. The family plans to record a message for Naira, so that Naira gets happy. Kartik is asked to take a decision fast. Naira wants to look good in her marriage. She recalls how she used to strike Kartik by her charm. She wants to deck up and become his Naira. Kartik decides to marry her soon. Naitik, Naksh and other family members record their messages for Naira. They try to encourage Naira. They get emotional while speaking out their feelings.

Naitik fears that Naira will forget them. Naksh asks him to be strong. They are sure that Naira won’t forget them. Kirti gives them positive hope. She tells them that memories will not fade away, Naira may just forget the recent happenings. She tells how much Kartik is scared of Naira’s memory loss. She wishes that Naira doesn’t forget anyone. They get hopeful that Naira recovers completely. Everyone appears happy when Naira makes a video call to them. Naira tells them that she is scared for the surgery, but Kartik has explained her well to think about marriage. Kartik gets emotional hearing her talk with the family. The family asks her to come home, so that they can plan a grand reception for Kartik and her.

Kartik rushes and breaks his decision to the family. He tells them that he is going to marry Naira right away. He then stops himself, since this will spoil Naira’s happiness. He wants to keep things simple and lively as Naira wants. Kartik and Naira plan their marriage. He doesn’t want to break down in front of Naira. Everyone stays distressed before the surgery. They wish the night passes soon and they get some good news. They pass time while recollecting old memories. Kartik deals with his sorrows alone. He thinks of fulfilling sindoor and completing the important ritual. He doesn’t want Naira to worry by his haste. He decides to wait and act normal in front of her. Naira feels bored. Doctor entertains her by a doctor’s act. They have cute moments. Naira gets ready for her marriage and forgets that she has decked up for the marriage. Kartik stays strong and hopes everything goes fine. He deals with the memory loss signs and faces a tougher than expected situation.

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