YRKKH: Romance, wedding and desperate measures

YRKKH: Romance, wedding and desperate measures

YRKKH: Romance, wedding and desperate measures…. Kartik controls his fears to give strength to Naira. Naira stays stressed before the surgery. She doesn’t get sleep. Kartik fails to convince her. He comes up with an idea to change her mood. He gets into a doctor’s get up and asks Naira to greet the doctor. She gets surprised seeing him. He tells her that he has come for few routine tests and she should cooperate with him. Kartik checks her heart beat. She acts to faint. He folds hands and asks her not to act such ever again. He tells her that he lost a breath seeing her fainting. She tells him that she should check his heart beat then. Kartik and Naira have cute romance moment. He becomes a doctor just to make her smile. He tells her that doctors are really angels for them, she will be soon fine. He has found a good way to relax her.

They both keep their courage, even when they have much fear in mind. Kartik tells her that they will marry soon, without any delay. He informs the family that he will not wait for a moment now, he will marry Naira right away. He doesn’t care about Naira’s look, clothes or sickness state. He knows her condition is getting worse. He tells Naira that he is ready to marry her, even if she isn’t dressed as his bride, what matters is their marriage, he wants to fulfill his wish and marry her before the surgery. He doesn’t tell her that the surgery is also preponed. Everyone asks the reason for hurrying so much. He hides the shocking fact which doctor has told him about Naira.

Kartik doesn’t want anything to happen to Naira. Kartik tells them that he can’t wait for marrying Naira, he is getting mad for her and want her as his wife. He expresses his happiness to marry Naira as soon as possible. The family permits him to marry the way he wants, as long as Kartik and Naira are happy. The family sees them on video call and gets good wishes. He acts happy in front of family. He hides the truth from them about Naira’s condition getting critical. He goes out of the ward and sheds tears, while praying for Naira to get fine. He didn’t expect his fate to cheat him this way. He prays that Naira recovers and they resume a normal happy life soon. He battles with his fears of losing Naira. He knows Naira won’t be able to live if she loses her memory.

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