Kaleerein (PicFiction): Vivaan fears for Paromita’s secret unveiling

Kaleerein: Vivaan fears for Paromita's secret unveiling

Kaleerein: Vivaan fears for Paromita’s secret unveiling.. Vivaan’s truth comes out. The truth makes Meera and Vivaan away. Meera hears Vivaan asking the doctor to hide his secret. She gets angry knowing Vivaan’s past. She slaps Vivaan. She asks him why didn’t he tell her the matter when she has shared her tensions to him, he could have lessened her problems by sharing the truth. Vivaan tries to explain her about Paromita. Meera gets visions about Paromita. Vivaan is also in tension and gets such a thought that Meera will hate him knowing the truth. He imagines Meera shouting on him and breaking ties with him. She gets happy on seeing Vivaan. Meera likes his surprise. She asks him if he is so worried for her, that he has come following.

Vivaan gets relieved that it was just his daydreaming. He doesn’t wish Meera to leave from his life. He loves Meera a lot. He doesn’t want Paromita’s secret to ruin his life. He wonders how to explain Meera about Paromita, his obsessed lover. he didn’t love Paromita, and was deeply affected by her shocking death. He doesn’t want Meera to get affected by Paromita’s truth. Meera and Vivaan will be seen celebrate Navratri. The special episodes will reveal all the truth. Meera will learn about Vivaan and Paromita’s relationship. There will be many big revelations.

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