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Tonight On Star Plus.. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Sudha intervenes to defame Bhallas… Mani checks Rohan’s background. He gets information about Rohan and Karan. He doesn’t know about their family. Raman asks Mani to find about their family as well before proceeding. Mani tells them that Rohan is a nice guy. Ishita also likes Rohan. She wants to know if Aaliya likes Rohan or not. She asks them to first know Aaliya’s opinion about Rohan and get more information about him. Shagun feels Rohan and Aaliya should meet. Ruhi tells Aaliya that the family will find out about Rohan, but she should meet him again. Aaliya doesn’t agree to meet him. Ruhi wishes Aaliya to get remarried. Sudha gets information about Bhallas’ interest in Rohan. She gets happy and wants to create a drama there. Mani meets Rohan at his office. He gets Rohan’s bad impression, when Rohan scolds an aged worker and fires him. Mani feels Rohan is ill-mannered. Mani wants a family who has money and values too.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira to experience memory blank outs.. Kartik feels guilty that he has made Naira upset. He takes a doctor’s get up and entertains her. She complains to him about her husband. She tells him that her husband is very boring. He wishes his fear ends some how. He tells her that he will treat her husband and make him the way she wants. Naitik and Manish get stressed. Naitik gets a panic attack, and misses his medicines. Manish offers him help. Naitik tells him that his family can heal him. Manish tells him that he has also seen similar sorrow when his wife passed away. Kartik and Naira spend cute moments, away from the sight of the hospital staff. They leave from the boring ward and pass time. Kartik wants her to always be smiling.

Ishqbaaz: SHOCKING Tej conspires to kill Omkara-Rudra… Tej vents his anger on Shivay. Shivay offers him to take everything from him. Tej doesn’t want charity. He wants to snatch things from Shivay, than asking him. He tells Shivay that he wants the Oberoi empire. He is fed up of Shivay’s name and fame. He expresses his hatred, jealousy and enmity towards Shivay. Shivay can’t believe that Tej has tried to send him to jail because of his hatred. He gets disturbed. Tej tells him that he hates him because he is Shakti’s son. Shivay doesn’t want Tej to punish him this way. He felt Tej will be a father for him. Tej doesn’t show interest in sharing his sorrow. He just wants the property. Shivay tells Tej that Omkara and Rudra also have their share in the Oberoi empire. He doesn’t want Tej to bring more losses for them. Tej gets angry when Shivay ousts him.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: The biggest secret revealed to Sikandar.. Sikandar asks Sattu about Kulfi’s father. Sattu refuses to reveal the truth. Sikandar tries to bribe him, thinking he is greedy. Sattu gets more angered and throws the money. Sattu tells him that he will never tell him anything. Sikandar gets adamant and stays back till he changes Sattu’s mind. Lovely tells Cutie that Nihalo has seen her committing Nimrat’s accident. She asks Cutie to help her conceal the truth. Cutie thinks of bribing Nihalo and shutting her mouth. Amyra and Kulfi come to meet Cutie. Kulfi doesn’t meet Nihalo at Cutie’s house. Amyra argues with Nihalo. Kulfi doesn’t want to meet Nihalo. Cutie gives money to Nihalo to hide Lovely’s crime. She instructs Nihalo to hide Kulfi’s truth from everyone.

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