Udaan: Chakor and Suraj to fight Bacha Pandey

Udaan: Kidnapping twist to break Suraj-Chakor

Chakor learns that Bacha Pandey is inside the house. She has seen his car outside and ran out to catch him. She didn’t imagine that he will enter the house and hurt Anjor. Chakor looks for Anjor. Bacha Pandey tells Chakor that he can take away Anjor anytime, but he just wanted to show her what he can do. He teaches her a lesson and locks Anjor in the storeroom. He troubles Chakor. Chakor finds Anjor in the storeroom and saves her. Chakor and Suraj are worried that Anjor’s life is in danger. They can’t believe that the criminal has entered their haveli daringly. Bacha Pandey wanted to kidnap Anjor, and left Anjor in the storeroom because of the circumstances. He leaves before Chakor reached him.

Chakor tells Suraj that they should make a plan to secure Anjor. She doesn’t want to lose Anjor. Suraj gets police protection for family. Suraj and Chakor find Anjor scared and cheer her up. They together perform Navratri puja. Suraj asks Anjor to always stay happy.

He says you look very sad, I don’t know you, my Anjor is always smiling, find her for me. He tickles her and makes her laugh. Anjor gets scared seeing the police. Chakor promises to come back soon. She asks Tejaswini to take care of Anjor. Chakor is sure that Lord will protect them. Chakor meets the minister Rajeshwari Devi to talk about the child trafficking matter. Inspector assures Suraj that the criminal won’t dare such again. Suraj wants to know who is Bacha Pandey. Suraj thanks inspector. Suraj and Chakor devise a plan to catch Bacha Pandey.


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