Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Sudha intervenes to defame Bhallas

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Sudha intervenes to defame Bhallas… Mani checks Rohan’s background. He gets information about Rohan and Karan. He doesn’t know about their family. Raman asks Mani to find about their family as well before proceeding. Mani tells them that Rohan is a nice guy. Ishita also likes Rohan. She wants to know if Aaliya likes Rohan or not. She asks them to first know Aaliya’s opinion about Rohan and get more information about him. Shagun feels Rohan and Aaliya should meet. Ruhi tells Aaliya that the family will find out about Rohan, but she should meet him again. Aaliya doesn’t agree to meet him. Ruhi wishes Aaliya to get remarried. Sudha gets information about Bhallas’ interest in Rohan. She gets happy and wants to create a drama there. Mani meets Rohan at his office. He gets Rohan’s bad impression, when Rohan scolds an aged worker and fires him. Mani feels Rohan is ill-mannered. Mani wants a family who has money and values too.

Mani then learns that Rohan has intentionally fired the old worker to retire him. Rohan sends salary for the old man. Mani gets happy seeing Rohan’s kind nature. He gets impressed with Rohan. Mani thinks of telling the family about Rohan. Ruhi meets Karan at the cafe. They get into a fight. Ruhi demands an apology. Karan refuses to her. Rohan wants to meet Aaliya once. Ruhi calls Rohan to fix a meet and talk about Aaliya. Karan meets her on behalf of Rohan. She asks him if he is a thief. Karan introduces himself. Mani informs Raman that Rohan is well cultured. Raman tells them that they will take Aaliya for dinner and talk to her. Karan tells Ruhi that he has got Rohan’s phone to keep him away from Bhalla family. Ruhi tells him that she wanted to apologize to Rohan. She asks him to fix a meet for Rohan and Aaliya.

He doesn’t want this to happen. Karan tells her that they can’t hurt Rohan more. The family insists Aaliya for dinner. Karan tells Ruhi that Rohan is blind in love, but Aaliya doesn’t care. He doesn’t think Aaliya deserves him. Raman calls Ruhi for dinner as well. They happen to meet Rohan at the same place. Rohan surprises Aaliya. He tries hard to please her. Mani asks him to join their family dinner. Rohan asks Aaliya to hear him out. He confesses love and proposes her for marriage. He is ready to wait for her. He doesn’t compel her for anything. Raman and Ishita tell Aaliya that they didn’t invite Rohan for dinner. Mani and Shagun take the talks ahead. Sudha meets them to spoil the fun.

Sudha gets insulting Aaliya in front of Rohan. Ishita apologizes to her for Rajat and requests her not to interrupt their happiness. Sudha asks Rohan if he knows about Aaliya’s background. Rohan tells her that he doesn’t care for Aaliya’s past, he is completely okay with her first marriage. Sudha asks him to check her background well, so that he doesn’t regret later. Sudha reveals about Adi’s death, and hurts their hearts. Raman asks Sudha not to irritate them and leave. Sudha makes sure that she ruins Bhallas’ happiness. She finds them a dysfunctional and weird family.


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