Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: KaiRa wedding to finally complete

KaiRa wedding to finally complete

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: KaiRa wedding to finally complete… Naira keeps falling down and always make excuses so that her family doesn’t get upset for her. She hides her condition and lies to them. Kartik smiles on her jokes. The family members also understand that Naira is suffering. Kartik too understands her sorrow hidden behind smile and smiles so that she stays satisfied. The family members want to shower all the love and blessings on Kartik and Naira, who are much special to them. They want them to live happy. They don’t want them to bear more problems in life. Kartik and Naira relive their marriage moments, by repeating everything. Naira continues to get dizzy. Naksh and Kirti have an argument, and lighten the moment. Manish informs Naitik about the doctor’s non availability. Naitik gets stressed.

Manish tells him that they can manage to get the doctor on time. They hide the matter from Kartik and Naira. The family realizes that they forgot to get the garlands, and customize garlands for them as before. Kartik and Naira exchange the garlands. Doctor worries for his patients’ lives. He wishes Naira’s surgery happens on time. The marriage rituals begin. Suwarna expresses her wish that she wants to do Naira’s kanyadaan. Naitik allows her to perform the rituals, so that Suwarna feels forgiven by them. Manish and Suwarna perform the Kanyadaan rituals. Doctor wants to try his best to conduct the surgery on time and save Naira’s life. Kartik and Naira decide to make new vows to rectify their past mistakes.

They apologize to each other for all the troubles. They take the new vows and also clear all their bad memories from mind. Kartik lifts her to perform the wedding rounds. They also gives vows to their families that they will try to bring harmony. Kartik fills sindoor in her hairline and completes all the rituals. Kartik tells Naira that she has to live with him now. The families congratulates them for the marriage. Naira gives up her courage and collapses. Kartik rushes her to the doctor and learns about the strike. He wants Naira to be operated on time.

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