Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Sudha to strike at Bhallas’ happiness

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Sudha to strike at Bhallas’ happiness.. Ishita rejoices when she sees Raman walking on his own. The family too gets surprised with Raman’s recovery. They get angered on Rohan, seeing Ishita hurt. Ishita stops them and tells them that Rohan has helped Raman recover. She reveals her plan that she has made with Rohan. Bhallas elders return home and find Raman on his feet again. They get happy and feel their prayers are answered. Raman’s recovery comes as a big surprise for everyone. Ishita reveals how she has found Rohan near the house and learnt about his anger on Raman. She has told him just to drop his revenge. She asked him not to take any step in anger, for which he regrets all his life. She stopped his life from getting ruined. She directed him and told him that maybe Raman will recover by his move. She took Rohan’s help to make Raman fine.

Rohan tells them that Raman really loves Ishita, and that’s why he tried his best and got up on his own on finding her in danger. He finds their love very much true. Ishita gets thankful to him for taking the big risk. Raman also gets happy and accepts Rohan’s alliance for Aaliya. Aaliya gets glad with Rohan’s big favor on them.

Raman makes an apology to Rohan. Karan reaches them and asks Rohan why did he come here. Rohan asks him about their mother. Karan takes him home. He doesn’t want Rohan to have relations with Karan. Sudha gets information about Bhalla family. She is determined to ruin their happiness.

Mani and Shagun join the Bhallas in Navratri celebrations. Raman and Ishita decide to meet Kaushalya and apologize. Rohan tells them that his mom got fine and she has cleared the matter that it was actually the nurse’s fault. Raman proposes Aaliya’s alliance to Rohan. Rohan gets happy and tells them that he wants to hear it from Aaliya.

Aaliya proposes Rohan for marriage. He gets on cloud nine. They both have a happy moment. The families decide to perform Aaliya’s Roka. Mani and Shagun get too happy for Aaliya’s new start. Rohan accepts Aaliya heartily. Ishita wishes that Aaliya gets all the deserved happiness. She speaks her heart out to Adi. She gets happy for Aaliya’s remarriage. She also cries that Aaliya will get away from them. Rohan tells her that she will always be with Aaliya, he will take care of Aaliya and also keep her connected with them. Sudha comes home uninvited and congratulates for Raman’s recovery. She tries to ruin their happiness once again.



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