Ishqbaaz: Anika to witness Shivay’s painful trauma

Ishqbaaz: Anika to witness Shivay's painful trauma

Ishqbaaz: Anika to witness Shivay’s painful trauma.. Shivay faces big troubles after returning home. He didn’t imagine that his brothers will hate him so much that they will go to the extent of dividing the house. Omkara and Rudra partition the house, when Anika refuses to leave the house with Shivay. Anika wants Shivay to live with the family, with or without their consent. Shivay gets ready to leave, but Anika stops him. She claims Shivay’s rights on the family and house. Omkara and Rudra get taunting Shivay about Tej’s murder, and make him away by sketching a partition in the house. They ask Shivay to just stay away if he wants the house to maintain peace. Shivay doesn’t get anyone’s support in the family. He stays sorrowful. Shivay stays in trauma after returning home. He has slept on the ground in the jail for five years. He doesn’t get sleep on the bed. He goes to sleep on the floor.

Anika finds him troubled. She also goes to sleep on the floor. He murmurs in sleep and appears too tensed. He didn’t kill Tej with a plan, and apologize to his brothers in sleepy state. Anika cries listening to him. Anika tries to relieve him. He reacts angrily and pushes her away. She gets hurt by him. He gets worried and asks her is she fine, did she get hurt. He tells her that he didn’t push her intentionally.

Shivay gets scared by the bad nightmares. Anika wants Shivay to come out of the trauma and live happy. She feels he has already tolerated a lot in his life, even when he wasn’t at fault. She pacifies him. She thinks how to get this fear out of Shivay’s mind. She trusts her love. She wants to change him like the old Shivay Singh Oberoi.

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  1. Anika plz be with shivaay…. we are habituated to see Shivaay singh oberoi . now we are getting emotional to see Shivaay lonely, with pain and trauma…. nice update….

  2. Its really painful to watch oberoi brothers separated💔 but the fact is the logic is absolutely OK because who would love his father’s murderer? Yes Shivaay had a good intention behind it and we,the viewers know that;but OmRu and Family aren’t aware of that and so their hatred can be justified. It’s gonna be awesome how ShivOmRu will reunite! But before that i want the entire family except Annika and Khanna to yearn for SSO’s love honestly. He shouldn’t forget the pain he had to go through easily.he didn’t stand for himself,what he did was for his Brothers, OmRu.but its OmRu who are hating him the most💔 SSO is getting punishment despite having a good intention,only Annika and Khanna are by his side.i wonder what he would have gone through if Annika wasn’t by his side.ShuvOmRu are the HeartBeat of the show and They are each other’s strength. yes they will reunite soon and its gonna be overwhelming.😊its gonna be grand. though the track is so damn emotional but yet its giving me positive vibes since their bond will become stronger than ever.✌
    All the best to The team because the hard work they are putting is clearly reflecting through their Fantastic acting.😄
    Thanks CVS and please reunite the brothers soon.😊
    Keep watching IB at 10 since its under scanner, if the show is gonna end,at least we can support the last phase of it.❤💝


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