Ishqbaaz: Shivay to get caged by past incidents

Ishqbaaz: Shivay to get caged by past incidents

Ishqbaaz: Shivay to get caged by past incidents… Shivay asks Anika to come with him. Anika tells him that they will stay in the family itself, and that too with all the respect. Omkara and Rudra don’t want to stay with Shivay. They divide the house, while their wives ask them to stop. Shivay gets heartbroken that he has become a reason for the house partition. He stops his brothers and asks them not to divide the house, which is like a temple for them. They don’t listen and divide the house, warning Shivay that he won’t come over their side of the house. They separate Shivay from them.

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Dadi gets crying over the division. She didn’t imagine she will see this day, just like Shivay. Anika tries hard to stop the family, but fails. The brothers do the aarti separately. Shivay recollects their last time. Shivay feels unwell by the smoke, but sadly none cares for him. The family stops Anika from coming in their side, and asks Shivay to finish the drama.

Shivay misses his brothers, while he does the aarti alone. His brothers pray for the business deal, and don’t care for Shivay anymore. Shivay prays for his brothers’ happiness and wants to end the distance in between their hearts. He wishes he gets the courage to make the family united like before. He wants his brothers back. Anika takes Shivay to their room and tries to cheer him up. He stays speechless. She tells him that she didn’t change anything, but missed him. She tells how she met him in dreams every day, because of the dream catcher he gifted her. She tells him that even she has tolerated everything and had this punishment to live without him. They have an emotional moment.

She tells him that their wait is over now. He doesn’t want her to cry more. He gets grateful to her for managing the family. He cries that the house has shattered. She tells him that she has seen the relationships dying in the house, she couldn’t tell him before so that he doesn’t get upset. He feels his brothers’ hatred is justified as he has killed Tej. She asks him to forget the past and move on. She wants her old Shivay back. She doesn’t know how to make him like before. She tries to pacify him when he feels affected by the jail stay. He sleeps on the ground, getting habitual since past five years.

He tells Anika that he isn’t feeling sleepy yet. She feels sad that Shivay has lost himself in the jail. She asks him to try and move on, the past can’t cage him. Shivay doesn’t feel he can move on, since the family isn’t on his side. He feels he is the culprit, and still needs to be punished. He punishes himself. Anika supports him in his very decision.

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