Krishna Chali London: Krishna regrets over her broken relationship

Krishna Chali London: Krishna regrets over her broken relationship

Krishna Chali London: Krishna regrets over her broken relationship.. Krishna stays worried for Lali’s bad health. She asks Gajanan to take special care of Lali. She calls up Gajanan to know about Lali. Radhe reacts angrily over the call and tells Gajanan that Krishna is selfish, she doesn’t think for anyone and is just showing fake concern. Krishna gets hurt hearing his bitter words on the call and disconnects. Gajanan and Lali believe in Krishna, and ask Radhe to reconsider his decision about divorcing Krishna. Dubey hurries with the divorce process and also wants Krishna to leave for London. Krishna doesn’t want to cry for Radhe more. She decides to pursue her dreams of becoming a doctor. Lali advises Radhe to keep his ego aside and just follow his heart, which loves Krishna a lot. She wishes Radhe and Krishna reconcile.

Lali explains Radhe and gives him some sense. Radhe decides to meet Krishna. He realizes his mistake. He goes to meet Krishna secretly at Dubey house. He meets Krishna and apologizes to her. He tells her the entire truth and asks her if she will give him a chance. Krishna accepts his love.

Radhe and Krishna have a hug. They end their differences. Radhe convinces Krishna and tells her that he also wants to go London with her. He wants to support her dreams. Shukla and Bela follow Radhe. Shukla beats Radhe and tells him that he can’t accept Krishna again. Shukla takes away Radhe. This turns out to be Krishna’s dream. Krishna cries for Radhe. She is much hurt because of Radhe’s lies and wrong moves. She fears that they will be divorced soon. She yearns for Radhe and misses him a lot.

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