TR’s Quick Reads: YRKKH, Kasautii and more

Aapke Aa Jane Silsila Krishna

YRKKH: Kartik meets Naira after the surgery. She doesn’t recognize him. He asks her not to joke, he will die if she says this. She asks him to leave her, who is he, doesn’t he understand. She tells him that she doesn’t know him. She pushes him away. He asks her to try and recollect. This turns out to be Kartik’s imagination. He gets a relief and hopes the reality is different than his dream. Everyone stays positive and is sure that nothing will happen to Kartik and Naira’s relation. They are ready to keep reminding Naira, even if she forgets anything.

Papa By Chance: Harman tracks Yuvaan so that he can fail his plans of winning the case. Yuvaan also wants to stay ahead of Harman. Yuvaan doesn’t know that Sucharita has got suspicious about Harman, and went to London to gather evidences against him. Sucharita has signed the divorce papers, which get known to Harman. He understands that she is doing everything for Yuvaan’s love. He decides to kill Yuvaan, after learning that Yuvaan is living at Mohini’s house.
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Harman overhears Yuvaan when he calls Mohini. She reveals that Yuvaan is living at her house, along with the kids. Harman finds this a good chance to settle scores in Sucharita’s absence.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Navin gets cheaper with time. He flirts with Prerna in a bad way and embarrasses her. Anurag tries hard to get the truth out of her. He wants to know why is she marrying Navin, if she doesn’t love him. She talks about love for her parents indirectly. She loves her family a lot and wants to set their life. She has no idea that Navin will make her life a hell after marrying her. Navin starts imposing his control over Prerna’s life. Prerna tolerates all, being burdened by his financial favors. Navin doesn’t want Prerna to suspect him. Meanwhile, Mohini’s hatred for Prerna intensifies. Moloy asks her to cancel Prerna and Navin’s marriage, to keep Prerna away from the house. He makes her fall in her own words. She really decides to break the marriage. She doesn’t know that Moloy is planning to get Anurag and Prerna married.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer declares to the media that he will divorce Ruksar. Ruksar opposes Kabeer, and tells them that Kabeer is giving her divorce against her wish. She tells Zara that she stood for women rights before, will she allow Kabeer to give divorce to his wife this time. She asks Zara how can she change her perception when its about Kabeer. She says you have changed, since Kabeer loves you, Kabeer can’t divorce me against my will. She asks Zara if this is justifies. Kabeer tries to keep Zara away from Ruksar. He doesn’t want Zara to fall in Ruksar’s words.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna stays worried for Lali’s bad health. She asks Gajanan to take special care of Lali. She calls up Gajanan to know about Lali. Radhe reacts angrily over the call and tells Gajanan that Krishna is selfish, she doesn’t think for anyone and is just showing fake concern. Krishna gets hurt hearing his bitter words on the call and disconnects. Gajanan and Lali believe in Krishna, and ask Radhe to reconsider his decision about divorcing Krishna. Dubey hurries with the divorce process and also wants Krishna to leave for London. Krishna doesn’t want to cry for Radhe more. She decides to pursue her dreams of becoming a doctor. Lali advises Radhe to keep his ego aside and just follow his heart, which loves Krishna a lot. She wishes Radhe and Krishna reconcile.

Salim and Anarkali get eager to see each other. Salim feels he will recognize Anarkali by just the sound of her foot steps. He hears her running around and goes after her. Anarkali has a Mannat that she won’t see Salim before breaking her fast. She tries to avoid Salim before sighting the moon. Salim chases her and finally stops her. He commands her to turn towards her. His eagerness gets high to see her. Salim and Anarkali meet after twelve years.

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