Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman-Ishita’s romance to revive

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman's way to give it back

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman-Ishita’s romance to revive… Sudha demands Raman and Ishita to return Rajat to her, if Raman has stood on his feet now. Ishita tells her that they can’t get Rajat back, Rajat has committed the suicide because he has given up to his alcohol addiction. Sudha doesn’t want them to stay happy. Rohan and Karan take a stand for Bhallas. They tell Sudha that their mom knows about Bhallas, and accepted Aaliya for Rohan. Karan asks Sudha not to try manipulating them and leave. The Bhallas get happy that Karan has ousted Sudha. Karan tells them that his mom is happy with the good news, and asked them to keep the roka soon. Rohan wants to marry soon. The roka date gets fixed. Karan informs his mom about the Roka date.

Sudha feels insulted and gets angry. She can’t leave Bhallas without exacting the revenge. Karan takes selfies with them. The family plans the Roka theme. Ishita tells them about Navratri theme. She invites Rohan and Karan to be on time. The family gets their deserved happiness after a big sorrowful phase. Rohan and Aaliya have a sweet talk. Karan doesn’t let Ruhi disturb the lovers. He finds Ruhi too boring. He asks Ruhi to let Rohan and Aaliya talk. Ruhi understands his point.

Rohan tells Aaliya that he doesn’t have much expectations from her, he want to give her time so that she accepts him whole-heartedly. He reveals his past to Aaliya. He confesses love to Aaliya. Ruhi finds Rohan and Aaliya’s pairing sweet. Rohan asks Aaliya to tell him about Adi, so that he knows her well. He wants to know her love story with Adi. Aaliya doesn’t like to share. He insists her, and she shares her past with him. He tells her that he will wait for the day she loves him. Ishita and Raman also wish that Rohan and Aaliya grow a bond like theirs. They have a cute moment. Raman feels happy to be back on his feet, just because of Ishita. She tells him that he has got fine because of his self will power. Aaliya gets emotional talking about the past.

Rohan supports her, and commits her that he will never hurt her. He also has a broken relationship in his past. He understands Aaliya well. Ishita tells Raman that Ruhi should also settle down soon. Raman thanks her for everything. He wishes Rohan takes Adi’s place in Aaliya’s life. Rohan wants to make his own place in Aaliya’s life, but he wants Aaliya to sincerely love him. He gives her time to understand him well. Ruhi witnesses their conversation, while Karan falls asleep. Raman gives a romantic surprise to Ishita, which brings a smile on her face. The family worships and then plans to welcome Rohan’s family in the celebrations. Raman and Ishita have a mesmerizing moment.

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