Silsila: Nandini imposes her shocking decision on Kunal

Silsila: Nandini imposes her shocking decision on Kunal

Silsila: Nandini imposes her shocking decision on Kunal.. Kunal falls ill. Mauli takes care of him like a dutiful wife. Kunal worries for Nandini. Mauli doesn’t reveal about her pregnancy to him, knowing he won’t be able to accept it well when his heart is along with Nandini. She wants to wait for the right time. Nandini wants to make a sacrifice for Mauli’s sake. She learns about Mauli’s pregnancy. She has done wrong with Kunal and Mauli. She feels her emotions are justified. She still thinks of returning Kunal to Mauli. She doesn’t want to keep any relations with Kunal. She insists Kunal to return to Mauli. Nandini tries to ease out her sorrow and pain. She avoids Kunal’s call.

Kunal wants to know why is Nandini doing this. She has promised herself to put an end to her relation. She will end all ties with Kunal, to give some happiness to Mauli. She doesn’t know Kunal will agree to her decision or not.

Kunal gets speechless when Nandini breaks Mauli’s pregnancy truth to him. Mauli doesn’t want her child to be raised between problems. Mauli wants Kunal to accept the child. The family wants Kunal to fulfill his duties towards the child. They want Kunal to choose between Mauli and Nandini. Nandini understands Kunal’s dilemma. She eases things for him by deciding his union with Mauli. Kunal gets stuck in emotional phase again. He feels he has done wrong with both Nandini and Mauli. The family expects Kunal to come back for child’s sake.

Nandini suffers with the pain of separation. She rejects Kunal’s love. She tries to present her feelings by painting on the canvas. She feels she doesn’t deserve true love. She recollects Mauli’s words. She gets yearning for Kunal and suppresses her feelings. Nandini gets insulted by a neighbor. The lady taunts Nandini for breaking someone’s family. She asks Nandini is she making Kunal away so that he gets more desperate to get her. Nandini bears the humiliation, but doesn’t care. She knows she is making Kunal for a good motive.

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  1. Kunal understand mauli’s state and be with her. Don’t involve in illegitimate relationship.
    Be happy with mauli and your child,👪


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