WHAT’S NEW: Goenkas clash in YRKKH, Komolika’s entry

Goenkas clash in YRKKH, Komolika's entry

There are double celebrations. Navratri Celebrations with KaiRa union. Kartik gets baraat for Naira once again. Goenkas come to Singhania house to get their bahu. Naira was anxiously waiting for Kartik. She runs to see Kartik. Kartik gets mesmerized seeing his bride. Singhanias get emotional for Naira’s Bidaai. Kartik lightens the moment and tells them that they should sing and dance, than getting emotional. Kartik dances with Naira, Naksh and everyone. They play Dandiya, Garba and celebrate their union. Kartik and Naira enjoy their meeting. Manish and Naitik play the dhol, while Suwarna, Rajshri and Dadi dance happily with Naira. They make Kartik and Naira perform. Suwarna promises Singhanias that she will always keep Naira happy. Goenkas take Naira with them. Singhanias do the Bidaai with a smile. There will be new twists with the family clashes in Goenka family. Akhilesh and Manish’s terms will be getting worse over business issues.


Krishna Chali London:

Radhe gets drunk and reaches Dubey house. He demands Dubey to send Krishna with him. Dubey gets angry on him and beats him up. He asks Radhe to get out of their house without creating any issue. Radhe asks Krishna what’s her decision. Dubey tells Radhe that Krishna is going to London within two days. Radhe doesn’t care for her London trip. Radhe gives Dandiya invitation to Krishna. Radhe tells her that he has become Devdas in her memory, she is the reason of all his problems. Saajan stops Dubey from beating Radhe. Dubey doesn’t like Radhe’s drama. Radhe runs to Krishna’s room and locks himself. Radhe refuses to leave. He falls asleep. Krishna cares for him and puts him to sleep. She is heartbroken that he has crushed her dreams. She is hurt because of his divorce decision.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Mohini will be cancelling Prerna and Navin’s marriage. Prerna’s life will get on track again. Anurag becomes Prerna’s good friend. Much awaited entry of Komolika happens in Anurag and Prerna’s love story. The most famous vamp is known for her beauty and intelligence. She doesn’t spare anyone. She finds Anurag not showing interest in her, when everyone else is compelled to see her once. She gets interested in Anurag, since he is very much different. She gets stubborn to just get Anurag in her life. Komolika becomes a hurdle that could ruin Anurag and Prerna’s life. She determines to snatch Prerna’s love to fulfill her stubbornness.

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