Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Aaliya-Rohan’s Roka calls for celebrations

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Aaliya-Rohan's Roka calls for celebrations

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Aaliya-Rohan’s Roka calls for celebrations.. Everyone meets for Navratri celebrations and Aaliya-Rohan’s Roka. Mani and Shagun happily bless Aaliya. Mani and Raman regard Aaliya as their own daughter. They both want Rohan to keep Aaliya happy. Shagun helps Aaliya get decked up. Raman asks Aaliya to be happy since she has given her consent. Aaliya feels like not living up to Rohan’s expectations. Raman asks her not to feel tensed and forget the past. He asks Aaliya to feel lucky that she got a good life partner, not everyone gets second chance. He asks Aaliya to trust and respect Rohan, and then maybe love will happen. He gives hope to Aaliya and asks her to just be true in the relation. Shagun also shares her love story forming with Mani post their marriage. She also hopes that Rohan will win Aaliya’s heart soon. Aaliya gets happy for everyone’s sake.

Bhallas welcome Rohan’s mother home. They apologize to Kaushalya. They all get ready for a new start. The Roka happens well. Rohan and Aaliya get everyone’s blessings. Elders get emotional. Raman lightens his heart about Adi. He gifts Rohan, and tells him that Adi left before he could give the gift. He asks Rohan not to become like Adi, since Adi has hurt Aaliya a lot. Rohan thanks him for seeing a son in him. Raman advises him to give all the happiness to Aaliya. They families enjoy Dandiya and perform Garba.

The families prepare for Aaliya’s marriage. Mihika and Ishita realize Romi’s tension regarding business. Raman leaves all the business matters to Romi. Romi doesn’t want them to spend much money on the marriage. Raman tells him that Aaliya needs a good start for her new life. Ishita’s picture surprises someone, who was looking for her since long. The man follows Ishita and tries to gather information about her. Ishita talks out to Romi and learns the business issues.

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