Yeh Rishta: Destiny’s hidden signs give jitters to Dadi

Telly Reviews Hits Star Plus Dadi's ire; Sudha's murder plan

Yeh Rishta: Destiny’s hidden signs give jitters to Dadi… Kartik and Naira’s lives proceed on a good pace. Singhanias take care of Naira till she recovers completely. Naira gets happy and enjoys her family time. She waits for Kartik. She gets happy that Navratri days commenced, as her bidaai is fixed on the first day. Everyone gets happy for Naira’s new start. She wishes Kartik comes to pick her soon. Kartik blushes with the thought that he will go to pick Naira. He waits for the mahurat. Manish pulls his leg and asks him to enjoy his wait. Manish and Suwarna ask Kartik to keep himself engaged till they go to get Naira home. The families get thankful that Naira has recovered completely and there is no sign of memory loss. Dadi, Manish and Suwarna get too busy in planning Naira’s welcome. Akhilesh handles the business troubles, away from Manish’s knowledge.

Kartik sends a gift for Naira. He wants to see her in his gifted dress. They teasingly have a talk on phone. Akhilesh receives the parcel and gets tensed over the matter further. Surekha asks Akhilesh if he is sure of his decision. She tells him that everyone is happy for Kartik and Naira, and also kept a havan for them. Akhilesh also loves them, but is angry on Manish. He gets upset that the family is overlooking him, as if he doesn’t matter to him. Surekha explains him and asks him to neglect the petty matters. He wants to make sure that everyone knows his worth in the family. He tells her that everyone has taken him granted all the time, and its his mistake to tolerate anything.

Kartik and Naira get dressed up and send their pictures to each other. Akhilesh takes the family photo for the puja. Dadi worries by the bad omen, when Akhilesh gets about to drop the photo frame by mistake. He manages it well. He gets upset that nobody cares for him. Kartik and Goenka play dhol and arrive to get Naira. Naira runs to see Kartik. Everyone happily welcomes Goenkas. They sing, dance and celebrate like usual, before the emotional Bidaai of Naira. Kartik and Naira look ahead to their good days. The family photo breaks and many more bad signs worries Dadi when Naira arrives home. Dadi doesn’t want to regard Naira unlucky for the family, and tries to decode the hidden signs of destiny.

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  1. Yaar kuch bhi….Q public ko itana bewkuf banate ho yaar…sine and all…hume kabhi koi sine nahi di destiny ki baat karte kuch bhi..


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