Ishqbaaz: Anika to trigger Shivay’s trauma

Ishqbaaz: Anika to trigger Shivay's trauma

Ishqbaaz: Anika to trigger Shivay’s trauma… Anika insists Shivay for carrying a phone for running his business, and also staying in contact. Shivay tells her that he won’t join the business, which is the reason for Tej’s death. He feels he has parted away with his family just because of the business. He tells her that he has finished completely, he can’t do anything in his life now. She encourages him. She tells him that there is nothing he can’t do. She asks him to vent out anger and become like before. She asks Shivay not to suppress his frustration within. He asks her to stop her kiddish ways. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya try to communicate in the kitchen. Anika gets cheered by them. They also suggest Anika to help Shivay by her unique ways. Omkara limits Gauri from talking to Anika.

Gauri indirectly passes the message to Anika. Anika takes the advice and wants to put Shivay in a tricky situation so that he feels challenged and does his best. She wants Shivay to go for the event. Omkara and Rudra decide to humiliate Shivay at the event. They want to completely ruin Shivay, so that Shivay doesn’t exist for anyone. Anika prepares Shivay for the speech. Shivay doesn’t want to deliver any speech. Anika asks him to add some twist to his life. She writes a silly speech, so that Shivay corrects her.

Shivay helps her with the speech. Shivay tells her how much they should value the employees. On the contrary, Rudra lacks the experience like Shivay and struggles to pen down the speech. He is sure to knock down Shivay in the race. Anika loves Shivay’s speech and applauds for him. She tells him that he doesn’t need to write down anything, he can say it all without any preparation.

Omkara tells Rudra that he has told everyone that Rudra will be giving the speech in the event. He wants to see how Shivay loses out. Anika gets help from Gauri and Bhavya.

She tries to make Shivay get normal. Shivay feels hurt by her constant efforts. Omkara and Rudra wonder where is Shivay going. Shivay drinks the tea with Khanna and thanks him for all the support. He feels happy to have a friend like Khanna. Khanna gets emotional seeing his state. He asks Shivay to become a part of the big event and deliver the speech for encouraging the employees. Omkara and Rudra want to block Shivay completely. Omkara falls in trouble when the huge banner loses balance. Omkara loses to hold it back. Shivay reaches Omkara to manage it. Omkara refuses to take his help. Shivay wishes his brothers forgive him. Anika tries to get Shivay into back form. She unknowingly triggers his trauma.

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