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Tonight On Star… Krishna Chali London: Radhe gets insulting Krishna over coming in the Dandiya pandal. Krishna tells him that she didn’t come for his sake, but for some important work. Radhe doesn’t listen to her, and takes her for the Dandiya event. Krishna gets angered on Radhe, when he throws away her files. She pushes him away and scolds him for always taking her for granted. Shukla worries for their fight. Radhe asks Krishna why can’t she live happy and let others live happy. Krishna feels like slapping him for his madness. Shukla rages on Krishna for insulting his son. He asks her to make a leave now as she isn’t needed in their family. Bela gets happy seeing Shukla insulting Krishna.

Radhe feels he has done wrong. Krishna rushes to Shukla to inform him about Lali’s cervical cancer. She finally tells Shukla about the critical illness Lali is suffering from. Shukla gets a big shock knowing about Lali, but doesn’t sympathize with her much. Gajanan gets too worried for his wife’s illness. Krishna begs Shukla to get Lali treated in time so that she can live well.

Gajanan gets a big shock and checks the reports. He can’t believe that Lali is going to die. He begs Krishna to save Lali’s life. Krishna tells Gajanan that she will get Lali treated on time. She tells him that even if her relation with Radhe ended, her relations with Lali will be there. Gajanan asks her who will look after Lali’s case if she goes to London. Shukla consoles Gajanan and tells him that he will take care of the matter. He tells Krishna that he will take care of Lali’s illness. He wants her out. Krishna offers help to Gajanan. Radhe stops Krishna for a talk. He asks Krishna why did she come if she hates him so much. She scolds him for being so selfish and unconcerned for others.

She asks him to care for others as well. Gajanan hides the big truth from Lali. She asks him why is he upset. Gajanan hugs her and worries. Dubey learns about Lali’s illness and asks Krishna to be hopeful. Krishna doesn’t want to leave Lali in such times. She tells Dubey that she doesn’t want to go London, she can get admitted in the local medical college. She wants to look after Lali. Dubey asks Krishna to quit her doctor dreams. He doesn’t like her nonsense. He wants her to pursue her dreams. He asks her to forget Radhe and his cunning family. Radhe wants to stop Krishna from going to London.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita risks all to save Raman’s dreams… Ishita gets threatened by Sudha. She calls up Romi to ask him to buy all the shares. Romi struggles to arrange the money. He doesn’t even get any loan. He feels Sudha has ruined them. Sudha wants to buy all the shares so that she gets control of Bhalla company. She asks her aide to find the names of all the share holders and contact them for the deals. She is ready to pay any amount to destroy Bhalla family. She wants Raman to be finished, so that he commits suicide, just like Rajat. Kaushalya meets Bhallas. Ishita forgets to get gifts for them. Mani gets the gifts in time and relieves her. Aaliya and Rohan’s marriage date gets fixed. Kaushalya asks them for an early mahurat because of her health issues. The family decides to keep the marriage after six months.

Ishqbaaz: Anika gets motivated to inspire Shivay… Rudra delivers the speech written by Shivay. He steals the speech and insults Shivay. He asks Shivay to better leave than facing more humiliation. Omkara and Rudra make Shivay away. Shivay recollects his speech. Rudra tries to get applauded by Shivay’s speech. Anika tells Shivay that its his speech, and Rudra is doing wrong. Shivay doesn’t bother and goes on to congratulate Rudra for his wonderful speech. He gets happy that Rudra has got much confident now. He tells Anika that even he couldn’t have given such speech like Rudra. Everyone gets impressed by the speech. Omkara understands Rudra’s move. Rudra reveals that he has stolen Shivay’s move, since he wanted to give him a shock. Shivay thanks Rudra for everything. He doesn’t get sad, but happy for Rudra. Shivay gets in trauma over Tej’s death.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai lines up shocking drama… Manish asks Akhilesh to express his pain and the matter that’s troubling him. He asks Akhilesh to vent out his frustration. Akhilesh tells him to realize how much he has insulted him all the time. He accuses Manish. Dadi tells Akhilesh that Manish loves him a lot. Akhilesh gets insulting Manish for insulting him all the time, like he is a servant or an office employee. He counts the times when Manish ruined his respect in the office. Manish can’t believe that his younger brother got so much hurt because of his behavior. Akhilesh tells him that he has been subjected to the insult and kept quiet just to keep relations. Naira asks Akhilesh to recollect how much love Manish gave him.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi accepts bond with Tevar as destiny… Kulfi asks Sikandar to tell her about her real father. Sikandar can’t answer her. He tells her that Tevar loves her a lot. He tells her that her dad isn’t a good man. He tells what Sattu has told him. He tells her that its tough for him to lie to her, but he had a reason for it. He reveals that his dad isn’t deserving of her. She tells him that even then she wants to know her dad. He tells her that Tevar is a good father for her. She wants to know why her dad left her mum. She tells him that her mum told her about her dad, who loved her a lot. He tells her that man is a fraud, and didn’t love them. She shows her belief in her dad. She asks him if he has met her dad, that he is so sure.

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