Yeh Rishta: Manish feels guilty for shattering bonds

Yeh Rishta: Manish feels guilty for shattering bonds

Yeh Rishta: Manish feels guilty for shattering bonds… Akhilesh asks for his share in Goenka house and business. Manish feels sorry for everything he did in ignorance. Akhilesh makes Manish realize his mistakes. He counts Manish’s numerous mistakes and tells the family how badly Manish treats him. He doesn’t want to bear the humiliation anymore. He feels he is much talented and can do something on his own, than being Manish’s puppet. He tells Manish that he has tolerated a lot since so many years, and now he wants his share so that he leaves along with his family. Akhilesh wants to take Surekha and his sons away from Goenka family. Akhilesh plans to settle abroad and start his own business. Akhilesh’s words becomes an eye-opener for Manish.

Manish really thinks he has been wrong, while taking Akhilesh for granted. He regrets for his behavior, which happened unknowingly. He tells Akhilesh that he just behaved like an elder brother, and been bossy around, but didn’t wish to humiliate him. Manish apologizes to Akhilesh and asks him to give him a chance to rectify his mistakes.

Kartik tells Akhilesh that he had planned to give him the prestigious project which was his dream. He handsover the project to Akhilesh and asks him to go US for handling it. Akhilesh rejects the charity from Manish and Kartik, and asks them for his business share. Akhilesh gets adamant to break away from the family. This brings a huge let down in Goenka family. Kartik-Naira, Naksh-Kirti and elders witness Akhilesh’s wrath on Manish. Surekha too complains about Suwarna’s bossy attitude, but doesn’t want to leave from the family. Surekha gets helpless to support her husband. She also wants Goenkas to value Akhilesh and appreciate his hard work. She wants Akhilesh to get credited for his efforts. Kartik and Naira, who had sworn to handle the family problems like Ram and Sita, get troubled by the family division.

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